Las valkirias has ratings and reviews. Jessica said: What i learned from this book? The reason why we always try to destroy the things/people. Las valkirias has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: As Valkírias = The valkyries: an encounter with angels , Paulo Coelho The enchanting, tru. Las valkirias has ratings and reviews. Samin said: با خوندن اثار کوئیلو متوجه شدم که شخصیت های اون دنبال نوعی عرفان یا یک جادوی والا هستند و ا.

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It was easy reading, but also little interesting journey. It had some good messages one of my favorite passages: I don’t think it was actually an influence since I’m choosing it, letting me be like that person as well or as this book said “being remembered” Anyway, good thing about this book is that i learn that we should not take off our valuirias in the middle of the desert: I was so taken by this book.

Everything made sense to me, I was stupid, prejudice controlled me and I regretted th I gave up on this book too many times, thinking that it’s a non sense novel. I feel that this book was something I needed to witness. Quotes from The Valkyries. It is one that I would recommend selectively. Doch oft merken wir nicht, dass das was wir suchen eigentlich schon bereits in uns ist. They had seen the same mountains, and the same trees, although each of them had seem them differently.

One need to forgive oneself to live without guilt. I’ve seen my dreams fall apart just when I seemed to achieve them. A simple plot with messages throughout the story that enlighten your spirit and hope. As a result, they keep living in their past memories, becoming equally imprisoned by their past.


It’s nearly impossible for me to guess what is fictional in this mystical tale that seems to indicate he thinks and lives on another plane of existence. Basically it is the story of Paulo, who could already converse with his angel, but he wanted more. Because I have my own beliefs, will, wisdom and personality.

Mojave Desert United States. I’m intrigue if there are still those sort of people seeking those sort of magic. The worldly type of “love” that is lustful or obsessive or domineering, or when the object of love is something unworthy, such as money or a person who is inappropriate. This books is fascinating, reflective and gives us celho facts to ponder upon. The firt novel for Paulo coelho I’ve read so far. Books by Paulo Coelho.

Refresh and try again.

Las valkirias

I mean, isn’t it enough that you can hear the angel and being able to talk to him? And that is what makes all his books special. He talk about the conspiracy and the occult traditions and Vaqluirias curious if it really work the way he showed. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And finally, “The Valkyries” will vxlquirias you thinking about this large, celestial and existential questions.

coslho And what our angels really look like. I liked it, because it’s worth it “when god wants to drive a person insane, he grants that person’s every wish”. I do think there are some elements of the story that we can draw from, there’s a lot of beliefs that need to suspended to draw from it. Should I read the alchemist before this one? They saved me when I once young. View all 8 comments.

Las valkirias by Paulo Coelho (5 star ratings)

We can only vaguely identify with Paulo because we do not know enough about him; we cannot fathom his relentless desire to see his angel. Preview — Las valkirias by Paulo Coelho. I am fan of sky photography. Lxs with This Book. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Return to Book Page. I read this lax in Spanish. To claim that this book is thought provoking is a cliche, Coelho does it again and leaves you spiritually enlightened. Las valkirias by Paulo Coelho Goodreads Author.


I believe, my reason for reading this book when I did was to come across this passage. I’ve had it for sometime but with most of Coelho’s stories, I cannot get into them unless they seem relevant to my own life.

Also, pzulo it to life, it’s like, a person who you always chat and you will be truly happy if you see the person. But then I tell myself, they are not to be blamed; somewhere, deep down… they too feel the need to find their missing Angel, that missing magic in their lives which they have been unknowingly seeking pauko this while.

Also it had some strange coincidences with my current life Indeed Paulo Coelho is a firm believer of Internet valquigias a new media and is the first Best-selling author to actively support online free distribution of his work.

He talk about new world and I’m curious what changes it may bring. Mojave Desert United States. I was a believer of angel. Her journey was graceful, open-minded, and not the frantic, chaotic journey Coelho has. In the beginning avlquirias the novel, Coelho meets with his master, a man called J.