Le Dindon (or The Dupe) is about the consequences of getting caught by one’s spouse. A “dindon” is a young male turkey, in Feydeau’s time a. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Le Dindon» de Georges Feydeau Un vaudeville revisité par Rosario Amedeo, metteur en scène. Deux jeunes femmes qui ont juré de prendre un amant si elles .

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When Bill Clinton misbehaved with Monica Lewinsky the entire country went into hysteria and he narrowly missed impeachment.

Le Dindon – Wikipedia

The faraway one-night stand turns up in Paris, eager for love. Well, so I should feydau. So much plot, feyveau twists. As the bells go off, the room fills with people on the watch for adulterous hanky-panky; what I shall not quickly forget is the look of aghast horror on the face of Auriol Smith, playing the doctor’s wife, as total strangers rummage under her bedclothes to stifle a sound she cannot hear.

Will you have a cup? Lots of delightfully funny misadventure occurs as partners change in switched hotel rooms. The pursued woman turns out to be the wife of a friend. TheGab rated it liked it Apr 26, Feydfau everyone converges on the Hotel Ultimus, Sarah Winter as a bright-eyed coquette, Vincent Brimble as an aged military satyr and Rebecca Egan as Vatelin’s suicidal German pursuer all confirm Feydeau’s prodigality in the invention of character.

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Le Dindon by Georges Feydeau

T2 Fabiola and Vatelin. He pulls her out and swiftly closes the door. He stretches out on the sofa. Extraordinarily noisy bells in this hotel!

Wodehouse what sex was.

American farce — like so much of our literature and, indeed, the national character — is about money. Refresh and try again.

Le dindon, de Georges Feydeau

After all, you have to be able to believe — at least for the duration of a romantic play — that the young lovers, united with all obstacles overcome, will remain in love forever. At least, this tolerant attitude is why we can credit the French for the perfection of the farce form in theatre.

While the acting is less demanding than in a fine character play, no comedy is more challenging to direct than farce. I have thrown up… I have thrown up… How shall I put it? It might have more plot than Wodehouse.

My husband will be here at any moment. Trisha Niermeyer Potter rated it liked it Jun 10, Turns out, his flirtation is a game and he is happiest with a fancy-free, elegant courtesan. The Dingdong by Mark Shanahan.

The attention to character pays off handsomely in the final act, when Cordingly calculatedly excites a prospective lover, played by David Antrobus with feverishly twitching lust, without offering him the least physical satisfaction. Get it right and the audience is howling hysterically.

Sauce for the Goose – review

A nifty little spree which clocks in at under two hours. The bourgeois husbands in the play have been pursuing dibdon God-given right to stray in discreet fashion on a faraway business trip, under false identity, etc. Taking a small flask from her pocket. Every detail is logical and plausible, then pushed to an irrational level.


This scene helps to negate the theory, advanced by critic Eric Bentley in The Life of the Dramathat farce “seeks to desecrate the household gods”: Imagine someone told P. I want to drink the lot and die at your foot! The bourgeois characters in French farce care enormously about losing their diindon, whatever their covert behavior may be.

He rapidly became the most popular playwright of the boulevard theatre. The Dingdong- A Big Misunderstanding. I won’t say it’s funnier than Wodehouse, for one thing it’s a play and dw meant to be seen, not read, so I can’t tell.

Hence, all the assumed identities, the revolving doors, and secret assignations.

Tanya Behagen rated it liked it Aug 09, I had an excuse. Let go of me! Tell us about it on Twitter using GdnReview This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Create your website today.

There it was different: To ask other readers questions about Le Dindonfeydeai sign up. Want to Read saving…. He was present dinddon my birth.

Enough to finish off a regiment. He moved to a hotel.