toki! This is the first in a series of weekly lessons on Toki Pona- a conlang invented in with only words. Wait say again Jack. Did you say words?. Toki Pona is an invented language that borrows from Dutch, English and Chinese. It has only words but is two days enough time to. I want to learn toki pona cos it looks like it’s the best, but I have no idea how to start. I’ve looked at Conlang Critic’s 12 Days of Toki Pona.

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Conlang Critic has a 12 video series on it, covering vocabulary as well as grammar. Updated Dec 3, What are the best resources for learning Toki Pona?

Toki Pona has only words and uses only 14 letters. Our group is mixed, although the majority seem to speak at toku one additional language. Conlang Critic in Education.

What happened when I tried to learn Toki Pona in 48 hours using memes | Education | The Guardian

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. It’s not so easy to adopt the way of thinking that Toki Pona requires.


Could the Bible be written in Toki Pona? Related Questions How many people speak Toki Pona? Day two was genuinely astonishing to witness.

Don’t feel like you’re alone in learning the language. This simplicity forces creativity with compounds, offering insights into the minds of speakers in the process. Is it possible to mix Toki Pona with Lojban?

Where do I start learning toki pona? : tokipona

There are little things like whether or not you use ‘e’ before indirect objects that I keep finding conflicting sources for.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What are the advantages of learning Toki Pona? With that said, enjoy the lessons, and good luck learning Toki Pona!

Where do I start learning toki pona? What should I try, apart from buying the book?


The language has no distinct geographical base so compounds can differ between speakers with different mother tongues. Only around people in the world understand this language. A last tkki of advice: We played pictionary, consequences, and made videos, all in Toki Pona.

Can Toki Pona grammar be simpler? What is the best online LMS for training management? To attempt it, we gathered in the East London warehouse that is the head office of Memrise, an online platform for language-learning. I’ve helped others learn the language in the past Contact me! The Toki Pona-language content on this website may not necessarily reflect the same grammar, usage, style, etc.


Topics Languages The case for language learning.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. The Language of Good.

learn toki pona-Lesson One

Plugged into my laptop, I felt like Neo learning kung fu. Does a natural language as simple as Toki Pona exist? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content poa the future.

Ask New Question Sign In. They described how learning the language was not without its unique challenges. Stay focused on a set of lessons while learning and pick up other bits and pieces as you go.