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Visto il contesto, la proposta della Commissione di una nuova direttiva in materia di appalti pubblici dispone che le amministrazioni aggiudicatrici accettino autodichiarazioni come prova preliminare che i candidati e gli offerenti non presentano motivi di esclusione e soddisfano i criteri di selezione. The Commission has fully taken into account the European Union’s international obligations when making its proposal to revise the Tobacco Products Directive.

In questo modo le procedure di partecipazione alle gare di appalto risulteranno snellite.

Climate package cost estimates for Poland. In light of recent research into the recovery of energy saving light bulbs in French supermarkets source: Researchers are concerned about the risk of this virus spreading globally. The launch of negotiations on a free trade agreement was also announced. Active European 22003 — totalitarianism. What is the average number? Progress of EU in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Legeaa the Bank of Spain interfere in the interest rate offered by non-nationalised banks? Is de Commissie het met mij eens dat de gang van zaken op Athos een inbreuk maakt op dit grondrecht, in weerwil van de door Griekenland bedongen speciale status van Athos in het Schengen-aquis?

Doing so, including in Romania, would be important for the future deployment of geothermal energy. Does the Commission intend to support the plans to introduce standard chargers for all mobile telephone brands, so as to make life easier for consumers and avoid needless waste? However, the customs agents had already sold the car. Welche Schritte sieht die Kommission vor, wenn Regionen aufgrund spezifischer klimatischer, gesellschaftlicher und wirtschaftlicher Einflussfaktoren, wie z.


Does the Commission have any figures on hate crimes against Jews and Muslims and their institutions in Europe? This has allowed aviation companies to shorten the distance between seat rows time and time again, so as to add more rows and thus increase profits. To date, there are no treatments to deal with this disease, but it is important to protect those who are suffering from it and to recognise their suffering, as well as to develop safety measures for potential future sufferers.

Third parties have a one-month deadline to submit comments. These would need to be introduced under German actualozata law, rather than by requirements in the tender specifications. La Commissione incoraggia i paesi partner actuqlizata attuare politiche che garantiscano un’assistenza sanitaria completa e sicura per tutti, comprese le misure essenziali per la salute sessuale e riproduttiva, nel rispetto delle disposizioni giuridiche stabilite dai paesi partner.

Most families in southern and central European countries are spending half their household budget on meeting their energy needs.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

The new rule will not only apply to nationalised entities, but to the entire banking sector. The ECDC is aware of the Australian experience actualizat estimates that achualizata far it does not pose a threat to European citizens. Situation of the western railway line Portugal and required investment.

What is its opinion regarding the application of the proportionality criterion in the operation of this special tax? The Commission is currently considering a free trade deal between the United States and the European Union. More detailed breakdowns are possible e. Late payment and the Italian situation. The Commission agrees that scientific research to address visual impairment such as.

The assessment of the potential for addiction of different games of chance is thus primarily the responsibility of national authorities. How does the Commission check that the measurements have been taken correctly in the Member States? As such, they do not differentiate between privately owned banks and banks which may be controlled by the Spanish Government.

  TDA7342 PDF

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Nevertheless, a significant area of the Delta has been preserved and it is listed as a wetland of national importance. Whether and to what extent the particularities of large electricity consumers or electro-intensive undertakings can be taken into account is one of the issues that the Commisison is in the course of examining during the formal investigation procedure.

This manual, which has no official status and does not represent NATO’s views, constitutes an expert analysis of the applicability of existing international law to cyber warfare.

Zij verwelkomt echter elk initiatief dat in een deelakkoord voorziet dat gericht is op het verbeteren van de relaties tussen ondernemingen.

Hierin wordt het internationale recht vermeld dat van toepassing is op cyberoorlogvoering en worden aanbevelingen gedaan voor vergeldingsacties — onder meer met gebruik van traditionele wapens — en aanvallen op hackers die pogingen hebben gedaan om in computernetwerken in te breken.

Quali criteri sono applicati impiegati per giustificare le differenze a livello di apertura e trasparenza nell’accesso ai documenti relativi ai programmi di finanziamento dell’UE nel caso dei paesi summenzionati?

The assessment raises oegea technical questions which need to be answered in cooperation with the Danish authorities. The European Aviation Safety Agency certifies all aircraft at registration in accordance with European manufacturing and safety standards.

However, these commitments are not being met.