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Keeping the spring compressed speeds up shock absorber disassembly and reassembly operations. Quattro, SS6 Avant excl.

ABS O P10 1. That is the reason to choose Magneti Marelli shock absorbers.

Ammortizzatori Shock absorbers Stoßdämpfer |

Bracket model “A” Diameter: M-Technik i excl. Le 2 staffe prendi molla in dotazione consentono di comprimere tutti i tipi di molle esistenti in commercio; sono dotate di un innesto rapido che permette di passare dalla staffa grande alla piccola senza perdite di tempo.


S4motion 4×4, n 16″ 1. Macchina pneumatica universale per lo smontaggio e rimontaggio di tutti i tipi di ammortizzatori McPherson. Se utiliza con las dos mordazas tensoras de muelle que van en el equipo, gracias a las cuales el desmontaje del amortiguador es inmediato y seguro. Sportback 4×2, Quattro 4×4 excl. ABS A P10 1. Every year Magneti Marelli produces over 30 million shock absorbers for first equipment and for the aftermarket, as the result of the projection plans and excellent capability of a group which dedicates to this product 11 plants plus 6 research, development and engineering centres distributed all over Europe and the Americas.

It also ensures greater comfort and improves the road-holding characteristic of the vehicle. Correspondence should be sent to: Der Briefverkehr ist zu senden an: R 7 G 3 G excl. It fits for new cone-shaped and decentralized shock absorbers thanks to the self-leveling device.


La correspondencia debe ser enviada a: Suitable for assembly and disassembly of all types of shock absorber spring, from fl 78 mm. Particolarmente adatto ai nuovi tipi di ammortizzatori decentrati e conici grazie al trave auto-livellante che si adatta a qualsiasi fuori-centro. The two supplied brackets make possible to compress all type of springs on the market.


Syncro 4×4 G G G Ch. Ausgestattet mit einem praktischen und robusten Werkzeugkasten. Universal pneumatic device for assembling and disassembling all all McPherson shock absorbers. The products are dual effect, and therefore have a self-adjusting braking action, in both the compression and release phases.

Quattro, S4 V8 Quattro 4×4 excl. In dotazione con smonta ammortizzatori i seguenti prodotti: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. S4motion 4×4, n 16″ 4motion 4×4 excl. Magneti Marelli hydraulic or gas shock absorbers are designed to satisfy the operational needs of any motor vehicle.

F 1 G excl.

This feature improves the performance of the shock absorber and reduces noise. There must be a reason.

Quattro, SS6 Quattro 4×4 excl.