Leica Survey Office PC software package. For TPS plus instruments an . TCR and TCRA version also use a TCx/ Leica TCRA plus Total Station Condition: used, very good and perfect working condition. Specifications: • Angle accuracy: “(mgon). Leica TCRA Plus Robotic Total Station –

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If the instrument is not working properly Davis, Leica and Allen Precision fan. I don’t think ours is that old. Now, the vertical circle will not track as the scope is plunged.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. My shot was probably about feet, it suggested lower the light or use a longer distance, neither was practical.

Leica Tcra

May 9, 1: This site uses cookies. I have dealt with Allen Precision a number of times and have always been happy with them, no complaints at all. They were not your original dealer but were willing and able to service you when you asked. I didn’t read your post as a complaint.

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Pus catch the board was a new design and slightly different in size, so it would not fit in my instrument unless the board it was piggy backed on was replaced by a newer board also. I don’t know what you can call if but a tale of woe.


You ask APE if they would meet you at in the morning May 8, 6: Then all the tests were done and passed, took it outside and measured several fixed targets they had for test purposes. First the EDM would not shoot a distance.

Got there a bit after 11 PM drove over to Allen Precision tcta make sure that I would have no trouble finding the place.

Our goal is to serve and support people that know and love Surveying and related topics, so they can keep up-to-date in their industry, while learning more, and getting more work done. Rocky Mount, North Leixa.

Leica TCRA plus Total Station – Pentaland Surveying

Allen Precision had assumed that duty. I ain’t ever got no where, but I got there by hard work.

Again its seems in your post that they met you when you wanted and olus in detail what the issue was with the instrument. Work of the hardest kind. May 8, 5: They called Leica and they said we were in luck they had a new board that would solve our problems. This is what was what was replaced.

Long story short they got the boards and installed them, then the acid test, no dice. RPLS Today is a peer-to-peer platform providing news, information, and community-based support for Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals all over the world.


If anything, I saw it as good advertising that APE got right on it and eventually made it work before Jerry headed back to NC, that Leica was able to supply parts for the old machine to get it to work, and that APE and Leica were able to work together effectively in a short time frame to make it happen. Forums Recent Posts Login Register. Good grief, I have read over my original post and can see no where in the worst reading I can make of the leiva do I see any complaint about Leica and Allen Precision.

I’m a die hard Leica fan also, lsica see how the post can be seen as a complaint. Thanks for your post.

But once you take a shot, it displays the correct vertical reading. They did a good job and turned it around in a very timely manner. Yeah, I thought so too.