La composition chimique d’une roche magmatique dépend de: . roches plutoniques et volcaniques, indique deux maximums, l’un correspondant à des roches. PREMIÈRE. PARTIE. CHAPITRE I. DES QUATRE GRANDES CLASSES DE ROCHES AQUEUSES oU SÉDIMENTAIRES, VOLCANIQUES, PLUTONIQUES ET. les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf. Will be.

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Bibliothèque LMV catalog › Details for: Microtextures des roches magmatiques et métamorphiques

Plant fossils are common in this formation and have been identified as mid Devonian late Emsian to early Eifelian: Significant ductile slip took place on all these faults in the latest Devonian — earliest Carboniferous, associated with NW-vergent thrusting and some wrench faulting Koukouvelas et al.

Evidence for extension and shortening during passive margin formation. Sparse inland outcrops north of Advocate of similar conglomerate are also assigned to the Falls Formation. Display large image of Figure 5.

Géologie du Massif central

The Cobequid Fault Fig. Classification des roches volcaniques To the west, the contact between the two blocks along the Rockland Brook fault experienced major late Paleozoic reactivation. Geologi cal Survey of Canada Open File90 p. Tectonic evolution of Fundy basin, Canada: Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin61 p. Murphy showed from sedimentary geochemistry that the Gamble Brook Formation formed in a rifted arc environment. Atlantic Geology, 28, pp.

Methods and data 4 This short synopsis of the geology of the Cobequid Highlands is based in part on new 1: The distribution of Cumberland Group rocks along the northern margin of the Cobequid Highlands has been mapped by Ryan et al.


Geological Survey of Canada Paper D, pp. Its assignment to the mid Devonian is thus based solely on macropaleontological evidence and is inconsistent with the presence of abundant rhyolite clasts.

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Such rapid changes in degree of deformation suggest that deformation was related to regional shear. Nd and Pb isotope data golcaniques that all the Cobequid Shear Zone granites appear derived from melting of crust compositionally similar to Neoproterozoic granodiorite Pe-Piper and Volcaniquess b.

Kasper in Donohoe and Wallace Devonian — Carboniferous deformation and igneous intrusion in the Cobequid Highlands. Granite and associated mafic phases, North River pluton, Cobequid Highlands.

Display large image of Figure 1. Much of the granite of the Wentworth pluton within a few kilometres of the Folly Lake gabbro either cross-cuts the gabbro or shows textures indicating the co-existence of immiscible mafic and felsic magmas Pe-Piper et al. Geological Survey of Canada Atlanticinternal report.

Along the major fault zones, highly deformed earlier emplaced plutonic rocks underwent strong solid-state deformation and are cut by progressively less deformed younger plutonic rocks, demonstrating that the faults were persistent conduits for magma Pe-Piper et al.

This paper reviews the regional geology of the Cobequid Highlands and provides a comprehensive bibliography of recent work. The first two units occur principally as sheets tens to hundreds of metres thick within the Gamble Brook Formation, with structures indicating emplacement during shearing Pe-Piper et al.

Geological Society of America Special Paperpp. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper D, pp. Cadomian tectonostrati-graphic relations in the Avalon terrane of the Canadian Appalachians.

Late Paleozoic strike-slip motion on this system within and adjacent to the Cobequid Highlands formed the Cobequid Shear Zone. Late Devonian — earliest Carboniferous basin formation and relationship to plutonism, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Els. Dextral transpression and Late Carboniferous sedimentation in the Fundy coastal zone of southern New Brunswick. Donohoe and Wallace proposed a number of informal names for the plutons; we generally follow this nomenclature, but use the term “Wentworth Pluton” Fig.


Rather, there was progressive deformation in the Cobequid Shear Zone, developed along the Minas Geofracture during the convergence of the Avalon and Meguma terranes.

The conformably overlying 1. Les amphiboles sont pour la plupart des silicates … I. Faults at a high angle to the E—W master faults generally appear to terminate against them, although in places there may be NNW-trending faults that offset these major faults. The presence of the voluminous Folly Lake gabbro with its associated gravity anomaly and the unusually thick coeval basalt and felsic pyroclastic rocks near the Wentworth pluton both suggest the presence of a major heat source in this area, which resulted in more anhydrous melting here than elsewhere in the Cobequid Shear Zone.

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 39, pp. Il constitue la plus grande In the Mount Thom area, the Jeffers block shows a major shear zone contact with the Bass River block that has been unaffected by late Paleozoic deformation Pe-Piper et al.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. On its northern side is the large Cape Chignecto pluton in the west and a series of smaller plutons to the east.

The petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, and a st map of the felsic phases of the Wentworth plutonic complex, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia.