Learning the Lesser Hexagram Rituals Part I. by Simon Jester. How to form Elemental Hexagrams. The Hexagram Rituals used by magicians when working with. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram can be performed with either your pointer finger or a wand. 1. Perform the LBRP, making sure to finish the ritual. The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram: Banishing. This ritual is to be performed after the “Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.” Stand upright, feet together, left arm at .

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Disclaimers]] Not logged in Log in Help. Trace it and see. You bring a fantastic level of clarity and understanding to subjects that have otherwise seemed vague. That is to say, by understanding and using the IAO formula hidden within the letters I. At the same time, in that arrangement Air and Earth do not change position from the winds model, which might be relevant.

Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | Greater Ritual of the Hexagram

Just like the Hexagram of Earth, all of these elemental Hexagrams have different forms depending on whether one is invoking or banishing any of the planets. This is said to be the ‘light of the cross’.

This is Liber 36, The Star Sapphire. If the elemental forces are often below the level of magical coherence of the ego-consciousness of the magician, the planetary forces are likewise often above that level. In this method of working, the ritual must be carefully tailored to the specific occasion and purpose, although individual magicians may develop a repertoire of planetary conjurations to use within the “Greater Hexagram” mode of operation.

These spheres do not have planetary Hexagrams of their own. Drawing of geomantic symbols is a creative art. The exact procedure to do so is presented very unclearly in the original texts, and the tendency has been for various oral traditions to arise with different approaches as to method. However, the East is where the Sun rises, so this geomantic symbol is placed in a position of reversing that idea.


Instead, a close reading of the original instructional texts shows that by ‘Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram’ is meant the invocation or banishing of a particular planet, zodiacal sign or Sephirah through the use of the Hexagram.

That’s a lot of material to cover, and you probably will get more out of it researching it yourself based on your understanding of Hermetic Qabalah. Both of these are found in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophyso they date back to at least the Renaissance.

With this force rising in the east the stage is set for a time of darkness and restriction… ruled by the magical image of an old man.

When working with Kether, Chokmah and Malkuth: These Sidereal, banlshing opposed to Terrestrial directions of the elements, show symbolically that the rituals of the Hexagram deal with a magically higher plane than those of the Pentagram. This does help us to differentiate the two schools of technique, however. Draw the Jupiter triangle first, then draw the Mercury triangle.

Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram Face East. They relate to the Supernal reality, disclosed by the deepening attainment of the Adept. The winds from the north are Cool and Dry so Earth is in the north.

It is the flame decending upon the altar, and licking up the burnt offering. These are the pair of signs associated with the astrological Age of Aquarius, which is closely tied to if not possibly identical with the Aeon of Horus. It may be that as the “zodiac” model depends upon the objective position of the Sun, the elemental directions may need to be reversed.

Finally, if one perseveres, a breakthrough occurs, and the work succeeds rewarding all effort. This would render the immediate environment chaotic.

  SAE ARP 5580 PDF

It is called the “winds” model because it is based on the following arrangement derived from the four classical powers: However, Conjuctio to unite the other hexagrams to mark off and seal the protective circle. There are two exceptions. My presentation was somewhat lightly att In this case, their role banushing creating a ring of protection around the magician.

You don’t get much light through both. In truth, the Lesser Hexagram Rituals are transitional in nature hexaram, when performing them, you are placing yourself in a magical zone where both Elemental and Astrological forces may be tapped simultaneously.

At the beginning of the year, the vernal equinox, it is in Aries. Then let him say: Perform the analysis of the keyword. The “conjurations” in this case are more elaborate invocations, whether extemporized, of original composition, quoting from the Holy Books of Thelemaor otherwise elaborated.

Apparently one of the external site I’ve noticed some documents recommend it while others make no mention of it.

How to form Elemental Hexagrams. Posted by Scott Stenwick at 7: Part of the work of the adept is to harmonize the aspects of the psyche with the Higher Self, of which the planets form the aspects. The reading itself is a kind of rituual of the mysteries of the Crucifixion.

Four signs are given, assigned to the stages of the IAO myth. Crowley somewhat confusingly refers to the invocation or banishing of a particular planet, zodiacal sign, or Sephirah as the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram, as opposed to the Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram, which is the G.

The key takeaway from the origin of the “winds” model is that it is microcosmic in nature.