los casos indicados en el Decreto Número del Congreso de la República LEY DE INCENTIVOS FORESTALES PARA POSEEDORES DE PEQUEÑAS. de que, representa algo más que una ley o un marco institucional, está compuesta por principios .. Según la Ley Forestal (Decreto ), al INAB le. Decree Forest Law (Decreto Ley Forestal). The Forest Law states that rights to sustainable harvesting of forest resources, including timber, seeds.

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Report of the Dexreto of the Parties on its seventh session, held at Marrakesh from 29 October to 10 Novemberaddendum, part two: The legal and regulatory framework for environmental impact assessments. European Climate Change Programme available at: Good practice guidance for land use, land-use change and forestry. Idaho Code, title 22 Agriculture and Horticulturech.


Universidad rural de guatemala | Guatemaloa –

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Climate Change and the forest sector

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