Beginner – Sample Lessons – Lessons – Starter Pack -. Intermediate Lessons. (Lessons are listed in groups of 10, with the newest. Those will be the basis of this Beginner lesson. Let’s first listen to a short.

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We’ll meet some useful vocabulary and expressions related to food, too. Large numbers and dates. Talking about the weather.

Local and regional elections are about to take place in France.

Observations / LFBP () |

This Advanced lesson all in French arises from a recent documentary relating to so-called ‘superfoods’. This year, Maureen will forsake city life for a holiday in the countryside, in the Dordogne, to be precise. Whether that is indeed true or not, let’s hear a role-play.

This Beginner lesson will take us from 70 to ltbp, and beyond. In this lesson – lesson 37 – let’s find out how to do just that.

In this two-part lesson, Bertrand plays the role of an experienced skiier while I’m a beginner. We’ll learn how to say someone has passed away, Our conversation this time focuses on working conditions as Qatar develops its infrastructure for the football World Cup in Let’s hear what Caroline, in particular, thinks of Hillary In this lesson, Lucien and Zara discuss lotteries in general.


In fact, opening an account is not so straightforward and sometimes even necessitates an appointment. Let’s see how their conversation ended up. We’ll be talking about someone who is quite religious in this lesson. Clean Learn French by Podcast: It has been a while since we have had a basic lesson so this lesson – our 90th lesson – is just that. If ever the term ‘great statesman’ were relevant, it could surely be attributed to Nelson Mandela.

Listening to and managing podcasts

Zimbabwe is anxiously awaiting the results of presidential elections. The ‘Choose lesson…’ menu is visible only when you’re logged in. The lessons are topical and informative and the PDF guides provide a great backup to the audio. We’ll work with a variety of useful expressions including: If you do not have a free flickr account, then you need to create one.

Can you follow the directions he receives? She’s put on weight! In this lesson, lesson 97, we’ll hear a brief discussion about the Olympics in Beijing.

METAR/Synop Information for LFBP in Pau Pyrenees

Some users do not permit other users to add tags to their images. One of our listeners asked that we would do a lesson on opening a bank account. Clicking on the map above will redo the search centered on the clicked point. The explanations are thorough. Talking about the future.


METAR/Synop Information for LFBP (07610) in Pau Pyrenees

Putting on weight is a topic we’d sometimes prefer not to think about but that’s the topic of conversation in this lesson, lesson Continuing our theme of the last lesson, this time we look at the promises made by President Sarkozy in relation to the environment during the run-up to the French presidential elections. Hi, I just wanted to say what a great website this is! They will automatically be resized appropriately. In this first lesson, learn how to introduce yourself, saying where lvbp live and what you do.

In this lesson, lesson 29, we’ll find out how to say “It’s been a while! French Podcast Linguistica View in iTunes. Type the word “hangover” into Google and it will return millions of hits.

Definitely 5 stars plus! We’ll learn the terms for ‘car service’ and ‘additional lgbp, we’ll make It’s a situation we find ourselves in regularly.

We will then know virtually everything we need when dealing with numbers generally.