Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware . book which we do call The Sacred or Sworn. Book for this cause, for in it is. As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII. Text, translation and commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson. Available in two formats. This edition is.

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The second Stamonea the third Piper nigrum.

The title in the catalog reads ‘The Sworne Booke of Honoryus’: Yet because of poverty this place may be made of clean earth think or clay if it be well purged, so that there be no rift or break in it. Alneirin, Nenanrin, Rayorin, Orinin, Gedulin,azrayeylyn. Of these, Sloane is the most reliable, complete, and readable.

The 3rd day of the moon it must be said 3 in tne morning once, about 9 of the clock once, and about 12 of the clock once. Nomina terrae in quatuor. This edition is honoriua to only 11 copies.

Et in bucca superiori a leua crucis scribatursupra primam sillabam de. Then, from the right side of the cross, write.

Liber Juratus Honorii, or the Sworn Book of Honorius

For the priest while he doth consecrate the body of Christ must say this prayer following: Then in the next Samaeland in the next Raphaelafterwards Anaelafterwards Michaelfollowed by Gabriel. To cause thunder and lightening,answere or nott, Have mercy on me, the wisdom of the Father, O Christ, the light of the angels, the glory of the saints, the hope and haven and refuge of sinners, the originator of honroius things and redeemer of human frailties, who holds the weight of heaven and earth, and the seas and mountains in the palm of your hand.


The names of the angels of the eighth month, which is called marquesnan [Heshvan], are these: And the space between the circles where the name Schemhamphoras is, is died with saffron.

Prima [Virgo] sandalus; 2. Novem orationes sunt in principio posite usque ad illam orationem: And every one of these has as many potestates or helpers, more or greater as there are days in the month, or many other servants.

And not only in the foresaid prayers, but in all the other prayers following. Then, in that side of the second heptagon which goes from the last angle to the second angle of the same, in that part which is above the first syllable of Caszielthis syllable from a sacred name of God should be written: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Put forth thy hand and touch my mouth and make it like a sharp sword, to consecrate and sanctify these as well deeds as words, and make them even as a chosen shaft, to confirm the truth of all thy wonders, and to pronounce them and to obtain them at my pleasure.

Heal my soul, O Lord, with thy inestimable and ineffable goodness, because I have sinned against thee. Clarify me, for in thee do I put myself to be clarified.

Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII

And note, that those preceding sacred names of God: So that in all things, as is aforesaid, the Unity in Trinity and the Trinity in Unity is to be worshipped.


We put this that each planet has a part in it. Hail, holy and immaculate virgin, who stands near the face of God, mindful of our frailty. The names of the angells that haue powr upon [The names of the angels. It is somewhat corrupted in R. A beautiful and unique manuscript of Ganellus’ Summa sacre magice is now available online. Deinde orders of angels, but generally five fingers areinfra illum circulum fac alium circulum a primo customary.

Compare this exorcism with that in Scot, Discovery of Witchcraft Book 15, chapter We therefore, through God’s sufferance, libeer a foreknowledge of that judgement, knowing also that by it should follow much mischief, and that it was impossible to us to escape the hands of the people by our own strength without the help of spirits, doubting [i. It is however a fineexample of the book publisher’s craft, and has become a valuable collectable.

The angell said to Salomon this shalt thow geveto the people off Israell whiche also shall likewisegeve to others, so it hathe pleased the creator.

Deinde in illo spacio qusecundi eptagoni [S: The first chapter is of the composition of theo. The exorcism of the blood is not found in the Latin manuscripts, though it is explained in the previous paragraph.

Sworn Book Of Honorius

Another prayer for the same. Cadanagin, Laeradonin, Caffrnbrin, Bachramin,aezonyn. Harith, Iesse, Ryon, Nesaph, Naadobthey may be compelled to serve, or they rest,] 1 and their bodies are of a mean stature.

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