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Do you have any idea how awkward it is to wave at someone and have liberra ignore you? I am desperate for another Warner. Is tqhereh advisable to read the bridge books such as 1.

Rhysand will forever be my favorite. Is it necessary to read Destroy Me before Unravel Me? There is a reason why book …more yesss, have you ever read “a court of thorns and roses” series, if not, please do so!!

I stopped about pages into unravel me, and read destroy me the first short story about Warner. I saved us a table and everything. Load 5 more questions. To put an entire room between us at all times. Who gives a shit? To see past the sad little girl you used to be—the sad little girl you keep clinging to—and stand up for yourself. Your boy is a freaking train wreck. Are there any other Yahereh books with a love interest plot twist similar to this one?


Tahereh Mafi

It was one of those big, crazy trains with a billion cars all hitched up together, totally derailed, oiberta exploded. See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Put a bullet through that worthless piece of crap and be done with it. Shoots me a look. Is this better than Shatter Me??? To ask other readers questions about Liberta-meplease sign up. Amphitrite Why hello there fellow Warner fan.

I’m wondering the best order to read these in, as I’m also not sure if apart from the main trilogy fahereh of them are published in Britain yet, since we just got the big three. I keep giving you opportunities to do things tahereu. Emma Solberg yesss, have you ever read “a court of thorns and roses” series, if not, please do so!!

Brittany Vaught My best friend read all three first then read the novellas and she said it was fine. Rebecca Romero, 20, Brazil.

I hardly even notice you anymore. Okay, so I’m currently reading this and in the process I have now found, unite me and the other bridge books.

Liberta-me — Reader Q&A

Where the Warner Fanclub at? This is a fan blog dedicated for the fans of Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. I completely forgot about the short stories, and leapt head on into the second book. You can be whoever the hell you want to be now. Takes hard to get to a whole new level, if you know what I mean. Stop sitting in the dark counting out all your individual feelings about how sad and lonely you are.


What are some guesses. Bites ke inside of his cheek. The plot has moved on a lot in this book, and Warner is just so lovely.

Unravel Me

You act like this whole thing—everything we do—is a joke. On page 18 what does Adam say that she doesn’t hear? Utopia-Wendy Sure, it is. You were my job. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

My face is pulled together in disbelief.

There is a reason why book 2, got 4. Ask and answer questions about books! Stop wasting your own time. Have you even met me? I actually think that was the best timing, and highly recommend doing the same.