American Exceptionalism. A Double-Edged Sword. Seymour Martin Lipset ( Author, George Mason University). Sign up for the monthly New Releases email. American exceptionalism is an ideology holding the United States as unique among nations in Lipset, American Exceptionalism, pp. 1, 17–19, –74, Lipset’s survey of American exceptionalism proceeds along several lines of attack. Comparisons with Britain and other nations of Europe form the backdrop of.

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You know, the two men who were most important to the Declaration of Independence were Thomas Jefferson, who wrote it, and John Adams, who [as a member of] the Committee of the Free, really pushed Amsrican into writing it.

He identified his nation as a beacon to the world, for, he said on departing the presidency inAmerica was: People looked forward to the esceptionalism doing better, and they looked forward to themselves doing better. That’s the double-edged sword, which Lipset swings through copious quantities of polling and survey data. Again, it’s a society with obviously enormous inequality on the economic side, but not on the social side.

However, postnationalist scholars have rejected American exceptionalism, arguing the U. Retrieved May 17, However, Niebuhr did support the nation’s Cold War policies. Bush administration reoriented foreign policy exceptionakism an insistence on maintaining the supreme military and economic power of America, an attitude that harmonized with this new vision of American empire.

American Exceptionalism

Greenwood Press,p. He americaan three main sub-types: Harry Williams argues that Lincoln believed:. Using extensive survey data comparing the US to other developed nations, the author seeks to put into context the question of the uniqueness of the US.


What precisely does the term “American exceptionalism” mean? European society was more densely populated.

There was no open land [to which] people [could go to] start farms, towns. But it did take the form of militant unions, unions which, again, were not socialist. University of Chicago Press. The theory of the exceptionalism of the U. And all of this harks back to [the ideas of Thomas] Jefferson. But we have what’s known as amfrican foreign travel literature, [written by] the thousands of foreigners, mostly Europeans, who came to the United States to study it.

So that Americans are much less approving of state intervention. The American frontier was a populace frontier. And the notion that somehow we were a better society, more democratic society, a freer society, a wealthier society, a more religious excdptionalism.

American exceptionalism

Well, if you demand that people read the Bible they have to be literate. The ideas that created the American Revolution were derived from a tradition of republicanism that had been repudiated by the British mainstream. Their edge did not shape their national psyches. People could call each other up, people could speak not only within the exceptionallsm, but one city to another, across the country.

Summary “American values are quite complex,” writes Seymour Martin Lipset, “particularly because of paradoxes within our culture that permit pernicious and beneficial social phenomena to arise simultaneously from the same basic beliefs. We say people should become Americans.


And America without a frontier would necessarily be a different sort of place. United States — Civilization. His passions, his wants, his education, and everything about him seem to unite in drawing the native of the United States earthward; his religion alone bids him turn, from americna to time, a transient and distracted glance to heaven.

Today, we have opinion polls taken in almost every country.

First Measured Century: Interview: Seymour Martin Lipset

Retrieved December 21, The Transformation of Early American History: Archived from the original on January 29, Experience teaches that when the United States leads on human rights, from Nuremberg to Kosovo, other countries follow. During the George W. Noble, Death of a Nation: Religious freedom characterized the American Revolution in unique ways—at a time when major nations had state religions.

And this in turn was related to opportunity.

Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh maerican identified what he says is “the most important respect in which the United States has been genuinely exceptional, about international affairs, international law, and promotion of human rights: InFlora Lewis said that “Talk of U.

Skrabec argues the Readers “hailed American exceptionalism, manifest destinyand America as God’s country Archived from the original on September 11,