“The Little Sisters of Eluria” is a page novella originally written for and published in the anthology Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy, and later included in King’s own collection Everything’s Eventual. The story is part of King’s Dark Tower. The Little Sisters of Eluria Cover for Little Sisters of Eluria + Gunslinger Author Stephen King Cover artist Michael Whelan Country US Genre(s) Fantasy, Horror, . The Little Sisters of Eluria [Stephen King, Michael Whelan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This 4, copy Limited Artist Edition is.

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This is a decision that will prove to have been a very sound one eulria, although it won’t be until issue No. Roland kills one and then asks who wants to be second.

The Little Sisters of Eluria/Chapter Two

Anyways, let’s dive into the awkwardly titled “The Dark Tower: I found that arc to be rather lackluster, and the attempt to add in another lost love interest for Roland was one of the elements that gave me that opinion. I was quite satisfied with this story, as it relates a time in Roland’s life where he fell to the mercy of a strange lot of women who weren’t quite normal. And it’s looking like it may be a few months before it settles down enough for me to really concentrate on blogging again.

The tale fits into the Dark Tower cycle between the latest entry in the graphic novel series and the first part of The Gunslinger. It seems to have been roughly around this time that King truly began, consciously or unconsciously, to lace his works together. It’s merely one chapter, and Peter Straub says it ain’t him. No, not the same sisters, that’s why I wrote “similar”.

How rude of me! It can be read as a stand alone or as an addition to the Dark Tower quest, for those who already read the big series. If there’s to be damnation, let it be by my choosing, not elurua.

In this case, Roland seemed weak and amateurish. Sign In Don’t have an account? The Dark Tower 8 books.

The Dark Tower – Little Sisters of Eluria (Short Story)

But as usual, King’s brilliant. It essentially reads like a lost chapter of ‘The Gunslinger’. After all that claustrophobia, then, it comes almost as a relief when the menace finally materializes, and Ross — along with colorist Richard Isanove, who does his customary terrific work — doesn’t merely open things up, he explodes them: The medallion Roland took from the dead body in the village proves to be a sort of holy protection from them.


Roland slowly discovers the Sisters are actually vampireswho bring stray survivors back to their “hospital” only to feed on them once they’ve recovered. After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother. Still, names are nice.

The Little Sisters of Eluria is notable because it features an economically but expansively realised account of a ghost town, and follows it up with prose that’s as shimmering and hallucinatory as the experience that its Gunslinger protagonist goes through himself.

Her name is mentioned in Book 1.

The Little Sisters of Eluria

Calling themselves The Little Sistersthey use tiny bug-like creatures they call “doctors” to heal his severe injuries. On the subject of Jack Sawyer — to be clear, his “appearance” in Tommyknockers is a matter of some debate.

After all Desperation indicates that the unformed ones are a whole race, not just one being. Richardson rated it it was ok. It’s grand fun, for me if for nobody else, and I spent the better part of the day writing about Goldfingerwhich, of course, is one of the better entries in the series.

The other Sisters come and start taunting Jenna saying she is in love with Roland, and they should remove James’ Pendant so they may sink their teeth in his neck. This tale was well met indeed. The story is part of King’s Dark Tower cycle, and is the only tale outside of the seven novels that he has written about Roland Deschain. What I’m going to do is just present my thoughts on various matters in the essays, in roughly the same order they would spring up as I was reading them, with quotations from Furth’s essays to help give my own comments the proper context.

But there’s no clip-clop of horses. elruia

Read The Little Sisters of Eluria online free by Stephen King | Novelscom

But you can probably guess who I am, right? Apr 09, Grampy rated it it was amazing. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! An entire tribe of slow mutants soon gathers around Roland and begins to beat him until he passes out.


I liked the different take on vampires and didn’t guess the full secret of the doctor bugs till it was revealed in the story and then it was a little sad. Her parents, Guy and Nellie Pillsbury, had become incapacitated with old age, and Ruth King was persuaded by her sisters to take over the physical care of them. Character Roland and the Sisters of Eluria covered most of the story. Jenna asks Roland if she is pretty and Roland says yes.

Roland hears a thuding and looks outside spotting a dog with a broken leg gnawing at a dead body. Both editions contain Whelan’s additional new illustrations for The Gunslinger.

The sight of gushing llittle incites a feeding frenzy in the Sisters, allowing sistters mutant to escape, and for Roland to retain his medallion. As soon as Roland and Jenna escape they fall asleep. Maybe really twinners in this case. One element of the comics that has always struck me as a bit curious though not in a bad way is the lihtle. I’m actually reading The Little Sisters of Eluria novella within SK’s book of short stories called Everything’s Eventual – I want to read the rest of the stories in there eventually ha-ha – but wanted to read Little Sisters as a prequel to diving into the Dark Tower Series.

The last novel I reread was ‘s The Tommyknockerswhich has a fierce amount of those connections. This story takes place prior to the events of The Gunslinger when Roland was still casting about for the Man in Black’s trail. She asks for the name and Roland eeluria ” John Norman ” which is correct.

This also includes a few lines of “Careless Love”. The Sisters bring one of the mutants to the hospital to remove the medallions from Roland and the patient next to him, since the Sisters are unable to touch the medallions themselves.

Then again, given the omniscience of the comics’ narrator, it seems both permissible and even appropriate for the story to step outside of Roland’s ken sisterss in a while. I enjoined the last part then Roland finally kisses Jenna