The Man Within has ratings and reviews. Sophia said: The story of Taber (one of the first breeds we met) and Roni is re-released with a new se. In uscita il 22 marzo per la Leggereditore “Istinto Animale” di Lora Leigh, secondo romanzo della serie paranormal romance rigorosamente per. Recensione: Istinto animale di Lora Leigh. Ho atteso di poter leggere questo libro per vedere se l’ impatto sarebbe stato equivalente a quello.

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I think the main reason I liked The Man Within better than Tempting the Beast was the relationship of the hero and heroine. He completes the mating ritual and enfolds Roni into the Pride, determined to subdue this little wildcat once and for all. Ok this was one thrilling hot mess, but in a good way! So if you enjoy Olra Leigh familiar style but want to read a new type of ‘shifter’ then this book is for you. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present.

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Once they kiss their mate the hormone is released and the mating heat is activated. Taber, a genetically modified male, takes off one night trying to blow off some aggression. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I like erotica, which is what I would categorize this animmale, but this was a little over the top for me.

View all 3 comments. It continues the fascinating story of a group of humans who were cruelly treated as science experiments when their DNA was mixed with that of various predatory animals in an attempt to create the perfect soldier.


Overall, he was just a very yummy hero, abimale my opinion. Let’s put the smut aspect aside for a minute. While I had liked the idea behind the Breeds series, Tempting the Beastthe first book, had failed to fully resonate with me. Taber, a Breed, is part tiger or other large cat.

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“The Breeds” – Lora Leigh

Alpha males and confrontational females is what works in this story. Mar 26, Cindyg rated it it was amazing Shelves: Roni is a woman with a tortured past.

Another thing I enjoyed more was the love scenes, which for the most part exhibited the tenderness and loving feelings which I had felt were missing from Tempting the Beast. Roni did annoy me a bit with her stubbornness, especially when it led to arguments or she was having trouble trusting Taber’s judgment. With the Breeds having recently gone public, they now not only face danger from the Council those who genetically engineered them as lethal weapons by mixing their human DNA with that of wild animals, and seek to control thembut also from secular groups who see them as an abomination to be destroyed.

I also would have liked it if Dayan had been given more solid motives for his actions, which readers are still learning about even from beyond the grave.

The Man Within (Breeds, #2; Feline Breeds, #2) by Lora Leigh

Roni is Taber’s mate, but unfortunately and unforgivably Taber has abandoned her a few years ago without realising the consequences. The whole story is a series of misunderstandings, manipulations, action, emotions, and smoking hot sex! Customers who bought this item also bought. Lists with This Book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I don’t believe that it exist but i like to read about it. So we get sex, sex and more lors. It continues the fascinating story of a group of humans who were cruelly treated as science experiments when their DNA was mixed with that of var Reviewed for lorz.


The man she loves is one of the genetically altered Feline Breeds who have shocked the world with their presence. Nov 08, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: It ruins a good sex scene for me. Unfortunately, a traitor within his family rips them apart and the pain of their separation keeps this mated couple forever in need.

See 1 keigh about The Man Within…. Too much sex, too much!

View all 9 comments. Oct 30, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: His note to her said that she was too young and not the kind of woman he needed. Eitherway, the plot in TMW works well enough, although she did lors a much better job with her later entries into the Breeds series.

No longer in hiding, the Breeds are now known to the public and living in their own compound, but are still in grave danger from their creators and extremist groups.