Buy Den gode opgave (in Danish) by Lotte Rienecker (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Lotte Rienecker has 13 books on Goodreads with ratings. Lotte Rienecker’s most popular book is Den gode opgave – håndbog i opgaveskrivning på videreg . For 20 years, Lotte Rienecker and Peter Stray Jørgensen worked together at the . Essays (essay or bunden opgave) may be . Den gode opgave – håndbog i.

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And before you submit your article! It is filled with examples from good papers and has question sheets with activities to help you on your way toward writing a good paper. Question sheets and activities [pdf] Question sheets and activities [word]. There is an intellectual rigour that you rarely see in books aimed at undergraduate students.

The result is a book I would happily recommend to staff and students. Buy the book Bog Softcover m. Press “A brief scan of the contents list immediately marks this book out as quite different from most Study Skills books available from UK publishers.

Notions of argumentation, rhetoric, and metacommunication are introduced and explored. You can decline data collection by clicking here. University Teaching and Learning. These elements are explicated in the assignment pentagon below.


Godf the question sheets and activities may be downloaded from samfundslitteratur. We use cookies to collect statistics We start using cookies when you continue to another page. Lignende udgivelser Anvendt videnskabsteori. Table of contents Book extra materials.

The paper’s argumentation

The tools of the paper: The empirical basis, material, data, phenomena behind the paper What do you use to get the answer? Sidebar section Bestil pensumeksemplar Er du underviser, har du mulighed for at bestille et pensumeksemplar litte bogen.

To become further aqcuainted with the difference between what is just a good idea and a valid academic problem, watch this video where former head of the Digital Design and Communication programme, Gitte Stald, talks about how a good idea can be changed into an academic research question.

The five questions represent the cornerstones in scientific work and by applying these questions to your research topic, you can qualify your research question.

There are certain elements that have to be present in order for an assignment to be academic.

What are you asking? Read more about the IT Opagve use of cookies. The paper s research However, rejecting all cookies will result in losing some of the functionalities of the website.

Group-projects in a Problem-oriented Setting. Christina Pontoppidan and Andreas Immanuel Graae. The paper s de, approach Learn more about quality criteria argumentation structure and elements using theory of knowledge information searches and referencing academic writing writing processes supervision before you go to a supervisor or the library.


It was written by experts on academic writing, study skills, information searches, and philosophy of science. Det gode bachelorprojekt i sundhedsuddannelserne. Notions of argumentation, opgavee, and metacommunication are introduced and The paper s research question formulation of the problem Why are you asking it? We start using cookies when you continue to another page.

If you wish to avoid cookies altogether, you must disable cookies in your browser settings. It is refreshing to see the detail and depth of analysis that is included.

Content section

Read more Press “A brief scan of the contents list immediately marks this book out as quite different from most Study Skills books available from UK publishers. We will use a cookie to remember your choice.

Didaktik, design og digitalisering. Philosophy of science, theory, concepts, methods How are you asking the question?