LV covers tests for electric and electronic components for use in motor vehicles up to 3,5 t with a 12 V electric mOhm. Tolerances & standard values. LV Automotive test standard bij Hielkema Testequipment. The LV includes several mechanical, climatic and life tests, such as the K damp heat. ISO , Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is an ISO standard which provides guidance .

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Test sequence plan – sequential Note: Also with a tabular input all kinds of waveforms can be produced stabdard. If the manufacturing process of the electr. If the DUT is damaged on the outside, this damages must be documented in the test report. Additional tests with bracket or add-on parts must be coordinated with the purchaser, if required.

No part of this document may be transmitted or reproduced without prior permission of a Standards Department of the Volkswagen Group. This makes these 4-quadrant amplifiers unique in the world market.

Functional status Lv24 The sensors must deliver valid values over the whole time or safeguarded by means of replacement tables in the components. Without any knowledge in software development, construction of ordinary and complex waveforms is dead easy. Functional status A 4. Also an internal trigger stanfard available to start both the waveforms and an additional measurement unit. This pulse is simulated by means of this test. This test serves to verify normal operation under these conditions.

These overvoltages are simulated by means of this test. Digital Interface USB All functionalities of the 4-quadrant amplifiers are available in WaveMaster software for controlling the instruments. Test pulse E Voltage curve with intelligent generator control 4. The test serves to verify the resistance stqndard the component to damages caused by material fatigue, such as cracks or discolorations. It must be ensured that no condensation takes place on the DUT during the test also no local condensation.


The maximum test voltage results from commercial vehicle systems and their increased power supply voltage. This allows a test sequence that can be configured and adjusted by the customer.

ISO – Wikipedia

Serial Operation For high-voltage applications, instruments can be connected. Characteristic 2 applies to components mounted on engines stanard 6 or more cylinders. Moreover, eTS one provides a stimulation unit that can supply both, analogue and digital static or frequency inputs.

Creating waveforms out of source code Predefined commands for sine waves, exponential functions, ramps, etc. Other changes of the electr.

Tests – Test Ka: The test sequences are designed in such a way that a function or parameter test will be executed between the individual E-tests while the query syandard check of important key parameters is being performed. U1 UBmin to 6 V? Unless otherwise specified, the DUTs and the chemicals must be aged in standard climate. The test serves to verify the resistance of the part to faults, such as component displacement or material fatigue.

LV-124/ LV-148 tests with the eTS one

The device under test DUT must comply with the requirements for nonflammability acc. If a component-specific adaptation of the test sequence is required, the test sequence plan standarv be adapted. Otherwise, the spare DUTs must be used. An adaptation of the system to other standards and other DUTs is also possible.

The eTS one meets all requirements of the standard LV When deactivating, there is a completely galvanic interruption to the tested devices. The test serves to verify the resistance of the component to electrical and mechanical faults. Functional status B Test 2 – Warm start: This test must be carried out with all components connected to terminal srandard Plastic brackets must be used to ensure that the electr.


Splash water test splashing times Sttandard Data files are sent to the instrument within milliseconds.

Driving with frequent brake cycles no misuse, such as uninterrupted brake control operation. Test parameters E Insulation resistance The insulation resistance between parts without galvanic connection is determined.

Test pulse E Superimposed alternating voltage 4. The test serves to verify the resistance of the component with respect to faults caused by humid heat, e. Test pulse “normal” acc. The test serves to verify the resistance to storage at high or low temperatures, e. The dimensions of the plastic cover must be adapted to the test room size. Test selection table Test Applicable to Additional specifications E Long-term overvoltage E Transient overvoltage E Transient undervoltage E Jump start E Load dump E Superimposed alternating voltage Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system Components supplied via the 12V electric system – for devices directly connected to battery plus: The easy-to-use WaveMaster software, that is standard in scope of delivery, allows to generate waveforms by means of a graphical user interface or via tabular input.

Test parameters The test is carried out acc. Two different test sequences are required to simulate different switch-off times. Cockpit-spray by Motip CAS e. Bursts, repetitions and loops make testing easy without any software coding. Variable Waveform Generation Meanwhile, many car manufacturers extend the standard waveforms with many variable parameters in time and amplitude.

The DUT must not be opened until after completion of the complete test sequence chapter 7.