My Life. Lyn Hejinian. Recognized today as one of the great works of contemporary. American literature, My Life is at once a poetic autobiogra- phy, a personal. My Life has ratings and 62 reviews. Michael said: A work of slow art, as well as one of the few collections of Language poetry that has aged well. Note: This is the sixth section of My Life, “marking” Lyn Hejinian’s sixth year, It appears on pp. of the Sun & Moon edition (). An overview of.

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Interpreting such combinations of events, and the sort of mysticism on which such interpretations are based, is what gives coincidence its bad name. Feb 07, Michael Farrell rated it it was amazing. But the book’s greatest strength may be its openness to interpretation. A beautiful and poetic exploration of self, memory, process, and language Hejinian is primarily a poet and My Life reads like an extended work of heijnian poetry, If reality is trying to express itself in words it is certainly taking the long way around.

If you’re tacky enough to have had a happy childhood, leave it out of your books.

Microreview: Lyn Hejinian, My Life and My Life in the Nineties

The poet and critic Juliana Spahr has suggested that “the structural point of this work is not to assert personal power or identity, but to activate readers’ minds. Make a tax-deductible donation today Donate Today! I somehow found one of the original printed books, not knowing that she edited and republished it 7 yrs later then again with kife supplemental work “My Life in the 90s” in the Mar 09, Zech Soakai rated lige liked it.

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Imperfect Remembrance Marta Figlerowicz.

This is a text that is “open” in the sense that it acknowledges so much more than hejiniam words with which it is written. Many of the sentences appear as windows into a life, while others act as brief aphorisms on the making of the book itself. About the Author pp.

It was not specific to any year, but very early. Sep 30, Mike Lindgren rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 02, Bryan Parys rated it really liked it. At night, to close off the windows from view of the street, my grandmother pulled down the window shades, never loosening the curtains, a gauze starched too stiff to hang properly down.

At just over pages one could call this a short book, and yet the density of Hejinian’s prose defies that characterization. I could feed those extra words into the sentence already there, rather than make a new one for them, make place in the given space, and that would be the same thing, making more sense. A Political and Literary Forum. But soon, these section phrases start repeating lifs, their initial intuitive impressions shifting more toward meaning based on their each successive placement or added phrasing.

Dec 25, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: For those who crave yln narrative, you can definitely find it here if you want it. Return to Book Page.

My Life by Lyn Hejinian

Were we seeing a heinian or merely an appearance of small white sailboats on the bay, floating at such a distance from the hill that they appeared to be making no progress.

Lief experimental intervention into the autobiographical genre, My Life explores the many ways in which language–the things people say and the ways they say them–shapes not only their identity, but also the very world around them. I don’t mind, or I won’t mind, where the verb “to care” might multiply. I could read this book once a year and love it for something new each time.

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Join us to support engaged discussion on critical issues. I love the representations of revisionary memory and the idea of life as a continual work in progress. The fear of ‘losing’ ideas objectifies knowledge.

Jan 13, Reader rated it it was amazing Shelves: The windows were narrowed by white gauze curtains which were never loosened.

Tuesday Poem: My Life by Lyn Hejinian

It is also a hallmark of feminist experimental writing, establishing a new and distinct voice. It’s as if each sentence contains a story, many of which will remain mysteries due to their opacity.

This is one of my favorite literary treats that I return to when I want perspective, when I want to be lifted out of the linear and hsjinian into freewritten bliss.

So not only are there 8 new chapters, but there are also 8 new sentences added within each of the original 37 chapters. Perhaps the way to approach it, hejijian least right now, is through a simple list of pros and cons: It presents life as a whole that is at once more than its constituent parts and yet incomplete and ongoing. Hejinian is primarily a poet and My Life reads like an extended work of prose poetry, for the focus here remains almost exclusively at sentence level, hejimian word choice and juxtaposition being paramount.

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