Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. Lynxmotion SSC32U Servo Controller Board. Electronics Guide. Lynxmotion SSCU USB Servo Controller Board. Revisions. V August Feedback. Users Manual SSC Ver SSC Ver Manual written for firmware version SSCXE. Range is mS to mS. Lynxmotion, Inc. PO Box

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Make sure your power supply provides enough current to drive all the servos you are using.

Lynxmotion SSC-32

You will likely have other device names in there and maybe in a llynxmotion order, but that is not important right now. Note that you will only see COM ports that are recognized by your computer.

You will need some way to connect this to your computer. It’s all in how you set the jumpers and what kind of power supply you use. In the same example, if you had a power supply that has an output of 5 VDC at 50 amps, your same 12 servos would use 6 of those 50 amps leaving you with 44 amps left over to run additional servos or whatever else.

If it does not, change it so that it does, and click OK. Scroll Bars – After specifying the COM port and speed you should be able to move your servos by dragging the sliders to the right or left or by specifying a number within the current value text box in the Servo Config area.


You have the option to turn off power to the servos while not in use thereby extending the life of the servos.

This stands for Voltage Logic, or the power that will run the actual board itself and power up the chips on the board. Let’s say that you want to simplify things a bit and only use ONE power supply for everything. Baud Rate – Select the appropriate baud rate. If you see a black screen check the Options button and select an active camera in the dropdown list. This is used to automatically change the servo values based on your VBScript using the SetVariable function or Plugin based program.

Lynxmotion SSC Servo Controller

During this movement the servo variable within RoboRealm will be updated to reflect the current position of the servo.

Everyone sdc-32 that party happy! Servo controller Hi, We where wondering if instead of using a parallax server controler as we cannot find where to The Baud Rate is determined by the jumpers in the center of the board in the area labeled “10”. This should run RoboRealm and start processing images.

However, if your computer does not have a serial output, you may need a USB to Serial adapter shown below:. Changing the variable value, however, will change that servo’s position.


Bank – Select the appropriate bank of servos that you would like to configure. I have had several callers ask me if they use a 5 volt power supply with too much current, will they burn up the servos. With the configuration above, you would need the supply hooked up to the VL inputs only.

Go lynxmtion “Tools” and then “Settings”.

Try waving your hand in front of the camera. Note that is the default and should not be changed unless required.

Lynxmotion SSC Tutorial

Press STOP if you need to quickly disable all the servos and return them to the middle or neutral position. The VS2 input controls all the servos across the top of the board.

This input will accept any voltage between 6 and 9 VDC and requires only about half an amp of current. This setup as it is assumes that you are using 2 separate power supplies. The answer is NO! It’s been working for a while, but this evening when I powered up my robot, the l This set of jumpers is simple. Press ok to close the dialog.