Sulekha Creative Blog – Maharashtra has many a fort nestled amidst the imposing Sahyadri range of mountains. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured many of. Indian Glories tells you about hill forts of Maharashtra. Some of them are impressive for their architecture and others double up as trekking destinations. “Forts In Maharashtra” -Provides: * Popular Forts In Maharashtra(India) * Details About Forts *Also Can Know How To Reach At Forts “Forts In Maharashtra”.

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The 20 Most Stunning Forts in Maharashtra

The fort was designed to make it difficult for intruders to find an entrance. This is one of the most important forts in Maharashtra. In the Purandar Fort, one can also see the Kedareshwar temple that was built in honour of Shiva.

Once believed to be a jail, the fort now lies in ruins.

Vasota Fort Vasota fort located near Bamnoli in Satara and offers spectacular view of Nageshwar peak and Shivsagar lake created by Koyna backwaters. In the s, the Mughal empire gained control maharashtrx this fort after defeating Shivaji’s son Sambhaji. Divine victoryin recognition of the difficult defense the Mughals had to overcome to capture this fort.

Considered to be the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, the Shivneri Fort holds high esteem in Maratha and Maharashtrian history. The fort is believed to the former home of Tarabai, the queen of Kolhapur. Once you have finished exploring the fort, you can visit the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Zenith Falls that are located close by.


For some youngsters, the dancing light Some important sites here are the Hirkani Buruj and the famous Maha Darwaja. The fort can be divided into the lower fort and upper fort, now a popular tourist destination near Mahabaleshwar hill station. Pratapgad Fort also known as Valour Fort in Mahabaleshwar is a very important site,located in Satara district.

Top 21 Magnificent Forts of Maharashtra You Must Visit

A stunning maharashta in Maval, not much is known of the Tikona Fort. We begin with Torna fort, which was the first to be captured by Shivaji. They built some stunning forts that stand proudly in Maharashtra. The best time to visit the fort is when the annual World Helium Day festival takes place in August.

{ महाराष्ट्राचे किल्ले | The Forts of Maharashtra } | मराठी छायाचित्रकार | Flickr

There is also a memorial built in honour of Tanaji Malusare, a brave Maratha warrior. The fort is designed to resemble a triangular pyramid. The ruins of the St. Lovingly called the Vasai Fort, the Fort Bassein is located about 55 kilometres away from Mumbai in the Vasai village.

Creative General Forts of Maharashtra: One of the most strategically important forts for the Marathas, the Lohagad Fort was conquered twice by Shivaji Maharaj.

Forts in Maharashtra – List of all Popular Forts in Maharashtra you can Visit

The oldest fort in Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg is an imposing sea fort that lies on the coastline that was built during the reign of Raja Bhoja II. Did you know that it was the place where Shivaji was coronated as the King of the Maratha Empire? The other is the famous Ambabai Temple, believed to be where Shivaji used to offer prayers before going on expeditions. The Mughals and Marathas owned a lot of lands here and built some beautiful buildings and forts.


Panhala Fort The home of serpents,Panhala fort is about 19kms north-west of Kolhapur and one of the largest and most important fort of the Deccan.

The fort is now a favorite destination for paragliders and trekkers and has a National Cadet Corps Academy. I’ll be taking you through a virtual tour of these magnificent ki,le scattered across Maharashtra. Despite it being attacked by the British, the fort today is still intact.

The fort is a favorite weekend destination for many from Mumbai and Thane. The main feature of the fort is that, till this day, most of its structure is intact. We take a look at all forts in Maharashtra you must visit.

Inside the fort, there is a massive chhatri, an elevated, dome-shaped pavilion that now lies in ruin. The only thing that remains here are the old water tanks and the Lord Mahadev and Lord Khandoba temples.

Aurangzeb, then Mughal emperor, renamed this fort Futulgaib Language unknown: