Maigne’s Syndrome. Lumbo-Pelvic Pain Part 1. William E. Morgan. It is natural to associate the site of pain as the source of pain. If the pain is over the sacroiliac. PDF | Thoracolumbar junction syndrome is defined as a result of a minor intervertebral dysfunction at the thoracolumbar junction and referred pain in the low. PDF | Thoracolumbar junction syndrome is characterized by referred pain which may originate at the thoracolumbar junction, which extends.

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I was amazed when I started doing this; it really works well and fairly consistently. In the differential diagnosis, musculoskeletal diseases need to be paid attention which cause the back pain and are as follows: Taylor and Francis Group; Massage helps tremendously, but temporarily. The examiner compares both sides and states where the skin is rolled more heavily [ 4 ].

The course of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerves, providing sensory supply to the gluteus medius area and the groin. I found this interview fascinating, particularly in terms of Maigne’s thinking process. This may lead to an overuse of the motion segment which could initiate disc or facet degeneration.

The third group patients were provided by the local steroid treatment and exercise therapy. I cannot recall the number of the patients treated for TFL syndrome with foam rolling and myofascial release therapy of the lateral thigh who were finally restored to normal after an adjustment to the thoracolumbar junction.

Posterior ramus syndrome – Wikipedia

The patients who were given the exercise programs were followed up regarding their frequency and regularity of doing the exercises. The clinical findings show that the back pain is the most common complain.

It is important to examine patients who may have been exposed to a major trauma in order to control this vertebral fracture [ 11 ] i.

At the beginning of the study, 37 patients were evaluated and 30 patients were suitable for the study. The sydrome findings of thoracolumbar region are the pain pathways radiating to upper gluteal, lower lumbar or inguinal region. Once I read Maigne’s paper and started using the approach outlined below, the tender point more consistently disappeared and stayed gone.

This diagnostic procedure can also be therapeutic.


Posterior ramus syndrome

Besides, since the lower abdomen is affected while causing a pseudo visceral pain, the pain could be imitated with induced pains causing gynecological, gastroenterological and urological pains. The typical degenerative changes sydnrome on most images may lead to unnecessary surgery or false diagnosis. Posterior ramus syndrome Dorsal ramus Posterior ramus syndromealso referred to as thoracolumbar junction syndrome wyndrome, Maigne syndrome and dorsal ramus syndrome is caused by the unexplained activation of the primary division of a posterior ramus of a spinal nerve syndome ramus of spinal nerve.

Either way, I am ready to be rid of it. I love that we often can get immediate feedback about whether we syncrome making a difference. Positive injection response to local anesthestics and exclusion of other lumbar diseases with MRI were the key point of the patient selection.

The term sclerotome, distinct from dermatome for anterior rami involvement, has been proposed to describe the pattern of pain produced from posterior rami. For example, L4-L5 facet joint is located by first palpating L4 spinous process and following cm laterally on right and left side. The psoas and diaphragm meet at the thoracolumbar junction. The intent of this series is to bring attention to other possible sources of pain than the most obvious.

We don’t really know the exact source, but we do know how to assess and treat. There is also an interview with Robert Maigne online on another site; 2 he discusses this condition and shares his own story as a pioneer in manipulative medicine. The affected syndrpme ramus ends cutaneously causing trophic changes of the skin referred to as cellulalgia.

This image identifies the distribution of pain; the posterior pelvis 1the inguinal region 2and the lateral thigh 3. Therefore, applying the functional rehabilitation equipment maiigne by the Software-based systems or the mechanical systems hosted by the balance board assembly on these patients may lead to worsening of the symptoms.

Descriptions of clinical involvement of posterior rami were found as early asbut not until that LDRS was so precisely described.

Available Now for Immediate Download: The fourth criterion clinches the diagnosis: The pain radiation and clinical results show that the distribution of the spinal nerve root T12 and L1; while the posterior branch of L1 innervates the lower lumbar subcutaneous tissue, the anterior branch innervates the groin region, and the lateral cutaneous branch innervates the lateral hip side [ 2 ] Fig.


This sundrome gives cutaneous innervation to the subcutaneous tissues of the lumbar and buttock area as Distal Away from the trunk. He has tried everything to find my specific dx, and I have been receiving spinal steriod injections monthly for most of that time. Let’s learn more about the condition, including how to assess and treat maihne. Any direction would be really appreciated. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Find the direction of maximum tenderness and the direction of maximal fixation.

I have been under the care of a pain specialist for nearly two years.

Note the osteofibrous tunnels the superior cluneal nerves come through and their supply to the skin, just below the iliac crest. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Repeat three or four times. The lumbar range of motion ROMthe visual analogue scale at rest and during movement VAS values, the Beck Depression Scale, Oswestry scales and the SF results values of the patients were evaluated before and after injection, during the 1 st week, the 1 st month and 3 rd month control visits.

I prefer standing anterior to posterior adjustments. Let’s Consider the Advantages.

Thoracolumbar Junction or Superior Cluneal Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

A Web site called Chiropractic-Help. Other causes are entrapment of cutaneous Dorsal Towards the back like posterior. Maigne also proposed other techniques, such as skin rolling, to determine the tissue quality and other clinically oriented criteria which could be used to diagnose thoracolumbar syndrome.

The nature of this dysfunction remains unknown, although the involvement of either the facets or the disc is very likely. It also innervates the multifidus muscle, one or two levels Distal Away from the trunk. Multiple studies confirm that there is considerable overlap in the distribution of pain stemming from the zygapophyseal joints, including anterior, lateral or posterior thigh, groin, lumbar spine region, and trochanter region.

Essential to remember is that the pattern of referred pain in no way hints at the spinal level involved.