MAJOR CONNECTORS. DEFINITION. The MAJOR CONNECTOR is that part of a RPD that joins the component parts on one side of the arch to those on the. Major Connectors. BDS III year. RPD Lecture. Timing- PM. Dr Deeksha Arya . Associate Professor. Department of prosthodontics. Components of a typical. Major Connectors IN RPD – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. DENTISTRY-.

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Recording of these measurements permits their transfer to both diagnostic and master casts, thus ensuring a rather advantageous location of the inferior border of the major connector. Fifteen consecutive patients attending the prosthetic out-patient clinic of the Dental Center, University College Hospital, Ibadan who had never worn dentures were recruited into the study. Creation of the Finite Element Model Step 1 The maxilla was created using the cross section sketch options.

A modification to the linguoplate is the hinged continuous labial bar. However, when indirect retainers are necessary, these rests may also serve as terminal rests for the linguoplate or continuous bar.

Acceptability of maxillary major connectors in removable partial dentures

But as a U-shaped connfctors major connector covers the inclined surfaces, it can only resist a very small part of the chewing force. Other components of the RPD can be mmajor only if the major connector is rigid. Single Palatal Strap Bilateral tooth-supported prostheses, even those with short edentulous spaces, are effectively connected with a single, broad palatal strap connector, particularly when the edentulous areas are located posteriorly Such a connector can be made rigid without objectionable bulk and interference with the tongue provided the cast framework material is distributed in three planes.

It also confirmed the influence of connector design on patient acceptance of removable partial denture. Except for a palatal torus or a prominent median palatal suture area, palatal connectors ordinarily require no relief. For each patient, three sets of dentures with the different major connectors under study that is metal palatal bar, metal palatal plate and acrylic plate were fabricated. Though the metal bar major connector like connwctors major connectors has its own disadvantages which include possible accumulation of food under the connector due to flexing and unavoidable thickness of the connector causing tongue irritation 11011these shortcomings appeared not strong enough to limit patients’ acceptance of this particular maxillary major connector design.

To provide a visible finishing line for the casting Slide Linguoplate If the connctors space is bounded by the lingual bar, the anterior tooth contacts, and the cingula, and the bordering minor connectors are filled in, a linguoplate results Figure There were no microcracks connextors the surfaces of the U-shaped plate and anteroposterior mqjor major connectors Fig 4abut there were microcracks in both the palatal plate and palatal strap denture groups Fig 4b.


Study of Deflections in Maxillary Major Connectors: A Finite Element Analysis

No patient preferred the palatal metal plate connector design. In either instance, the superior border of a lingual bar would have to be placed too close to the najor tissue. Upper portion of this major connector is located on the cingula of anterior teeth. However, they did not investigate acrylic cconnectors plate.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Palatal strap and U-shaped plate dentures majir between these two groups in terms of deformation amounts. In a class III situation the amount of deflection which was observed were considerably less compared to class I and class II situations, when Anteroposterior palatal strap major connector were used.

FEM is an extremely accurate and precise method for analyzing structures.

Of the two methods, we have found measuring the height of the floor of connectprs mouth to be less variable and more clinically acceptable. Mandibular incisors that are periodontally weak may thus be retained, with provisions for possible loss and future additions. Anterior part of the buccal slope in the X-axis showed maximum deflection and occlusal connector, crest of the ridge and the buccal slope together showed deflections, since it is subjected to greater stresses because their support is a combination of tooth and soft tissue.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Except for gingival areas, intimacy of contact elsewhere in the palate is not detrimental to the health of the tissue connectprs rests are provided on abutment teeth to prevent tissue-ward movement.

The half-pear shape of a lingual bar should still form the inferior border that provides the greatest bulk and rigidity. These results are similar to the kn reported by Wagner and Traweek Its uniform thinness and the thermal conductivity of the metal are designed to make ,ajor palatal plate more readily acceptable to the tongue and underlying tissue. The anterior connector may be extended anteriorly to support anterior tooth replacements.

Though the relative advantages of metallic and acrylic resin dentures are well known, it is not clear which one will prefer. Lingual Bar The basic form of a mandibular major connector is a half-pear shape, located above moving tissue but as far below the gingival tissue as possible.

In the photogrammetric part, a stereometric camera, Avipan glass films, and an analytic apparatus were used. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Finite element methods have been proved to be one of the best methods for research. It may be used as a plate of varying width that covers the area between two or more edentulous areas as a complete or partial cast plate that extends posteriorly to the junction of the hard and soft palates in the form of connectore anterior palatal connector with a provision for extending an acrylic resin denture base posteriorly Slide Are made from najor alloy compatible with oral tissue.


The denture holder, including negative impressions of the occlusal tooth surfaces and allowing standard positioning of the dentures, was screwed onto the rigid plate Fig 1. As the results of the photogrammetric and fluorescence penetrant liquid inspection test are congruent, it can be suggested that the results of both parts connectots this study support each other.

By proper use of direct retainers and Placement of the components in the most advantageous position. Please review our privacy policy. U-shaped Palatal Connector The least desirable of maxillary major connectors When a large inoperable palatal torus exists, and occasionally when several anterior teeth are to be replaced, the u-shaped palatal connector conbectors have to be used U-shaped Palatal Connector: U-shaped palatal connector 5.

Extension of linguoplate to the height of contour on the premolar was accomplished to enclose a rather large triangular interproximal space inferior to the contact point between the canine and premolar.

Acceptability of maxillary major connectors in removable partial dentures

In addition, the more inferiorly a lingual bar rpf be located, the farther the superior border of the bar can be placed from the lingual gingival crevices of adjacent teeth, thereby avoiding impingement on the gingival tissue. Fifteen consecutive patients attending the prosthetic out-patient clinic of Dental Center, University College Hospital, Ibadan who had never worn dentures were recruited into the study.

Its lack of rigidity 2.

Labial bar FigureF. It was however advised that the active speech area should be avoided when possible For a single palatal bar to be effective, it must be rigid enough to provide support and crossarch stabilization and must be centrally located between the halves of the denture. The only condition preventing their use is when there is an inoperable maxillary torus that extends posteriorly to the soft palate.

Double embrasure movie Retentive undercuts. The developments in mainframe and availability of powerful microcomputers have brought this method within the reach of students [ 5 ].