Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Nov 1, , H. Boudjelida and others published Modes singuliers de révélation de la maladie de Kahler. Recherches sur I’antithrombine V dans la maladie de Kahler. Verstraete M. · Vermylen C. Author affiliations. Laboratoire de Physiopathologie. Revue des Maladies Respiratoires – Vol. 31 – N° S1 – p. AA – Plasmocytome thoracique révélant la maladie de Kahler: à propos de 2 cas – EM |consulte.

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Chronic antigen stimulation, exposure to radiation or toxins results in increased risk but most patients do not have these associated factors.

A needle biopsy of the lesion and a bone marrow biopsy were performed, with similar findings, shown below bone marrow biopsy. Normal pattern of serum proteins.

Plasmocytome thoracique révélant la maladie de Kahler : à propos de 2 cas – EM|consulte

Which of the following findings would most strongly favor the presence of a neoplastic plasma cell process rather than a reactive plasma cell proliferation? Board review question 2. Click here for patient related inquiries. Elevated beta2 microglobulin, lactate dehydrogenase, C reactive protein, plasma cell proliferation or bone marrow infiltration Low serum albumin Plasmablastic morphology Abnormalities by conventional cytogenetics Active myeloma can be staged using the Durie-Salmon staging system using clinical factors to predict myeloma burden and prognosis, Cancer ; Am J Pathol ; Vertebrae with myeloma lesions.


Symptomatic active myeloma Swerdlow: Board review answer 3. Rouleaux formation in the peripheral blood. Waiting for end organ damage alone to start therapy may increase morbidity and mortality Updated diagnostic criteria above and as detailed in J Natl Compr Canc Netw ; Bone marrow biopsy has blast-like cells.

Bence-Jones proteins were the first tumor marker References: MRI of the thoracic spine with extensive patchy regions.

Similar to normal plasma cells: An immunohistochemical stain for CD38 will most likely be positive. Multiple round lytic lesions involving the skull.

Images hosted on PathOut server: Lymphoma and plasma cell neoplasms Plasma cell neoplasms Plasma cell myeloma multiple myeloma Author: Deletion 13 Hypodiploidy t 4: Prominent rough endoplasmic reticulum, often with Russell bodies budding off of it.

Board review answer 2.

Pathology Outlines – Plasma cell myeloma (multiple myeloma)

In situ hybridization for kappa left and lambda right. An Xray revealed a fracture of the right humerus with an associated lytic lesion.


Wright-Giemsa stain x oil. Analysis of prognostic value of most frequent chromosomal changes in a large series of patients with newly diagnosed symptomatic myeloma Blood: Serum protein immunofixation shows IgD lambda myeloma.

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Page views in Number of plasma cells present may vary substantially from the core biopsy Immature or pleomorphic features are rare in reactive plasma cell proliferations Mature plasma cells: A 56 year old man was brought to emergency by his wife, who reported that he was playing catch with his son when he suddenly experienced acute pain in his right arm, accompanied almost immediately maaldie swelling and loss of mobility.

Accessed December 31st, An immunohistochemical stain for CD20 will most likely be negative. Images hosted on other servers: Usually incurable with median survival 3 – 4 years Higher risk: