A way of entitlement for managersI read ancient perspicacious Thirukkural two times. Being a student of development management academy I. Study on ancient Tamil didactic verse work, Tirukkur̲al by Tiruvaḷḷuvar. Management Mantras from Thirukkural (Paperback) / Author: S.M. Veerappan / Author: T. Srivasan ; ; Management & management techniques, .

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The first category covers virtue, wealth and love. Thirukkural comprises two words Thiru and Kural. The English translation of the couplet followed by the number of the couplet is mentioned first followed by the quote. Tamil is one of the oldest languages still spoken today. Managemeent who sound the same based on their CVs are all different. Please login or join to subscribe to this item. We also need to have the knack of getting our timing right!

So old but so fresh. I could not trace it subsequently. Veerappan Rhirukkural No info for this author. His approach reflects that these are the necessary lineament for good job. Management is all about getting things done. Thiru means scared and Kural means short verses.

Would thirujkural vibe well with the culture of the organization? Want to beat the competition? Hope it would have sub-titles in English?

Thirukkural has many couplets on management also. Communication is a substantial tool to express feelings and message.


Tirukkural Magic of Movies! Am happy that you could take this forward. This book has three main parts, Life with the power of goodness, Material life and Life with the passion of love.

Management Mantras from Thirukkural

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Would you mind providing me the YouTube link once it is done? Mergers and acquisitions often follow the rule of tying up with a former adversary in business. By generating a surplus for its shareholders, wealth gets created. Delay in executing that decision is totally harmful. The poet also exhorts us to make a hiring choice with due diligence.

Now we can perceive this is one of manwgement most important traits for administrative, project managers, policy makers, researchers and human resource managers. The Gift of Project Management Dec 5: Helping others in a self-less manner may result into long-term loyalists getting developed.

I am going to share some of the lesson which I got from this ancient scripture. For India, With Love!


Forgetting and forgiving helps us to reduce our own stress levels. When held back and managemeng to simmer within, it can be used very effectively.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Leadership is managsment human experiences and not about processes. Would they fit in with their immediate team members? Jan 5, Management is not a position but it is a practice so to enrich in traits we can exercise these mantras in our life for the benefit of ourselves as well as for the people.


If you like wisdom sayings you will love this post, excellent work. Here the manager is like a God for the people who are working in the organisation so mantrxs decision at right time by analysis of situation and other contributing factors has significance grade in the life of a manger. Once your order has been shipped, we offer the following times for delivery in business days Mon-Fri: Once your order has been shipped, we offer the following maangement for delivery in business days Mon-Fri:.

Like Liked by 1 person. Managers thirikkural to be resolute, decisive and action-oriented. Being amiable and speaking positively helps. Second category is most important and it comprises couplet. In this Kural Thiruvalluvar perspicacious advises to king and ministers to asseverate equity for the benefit of the state. The poet also emphasizes the need to keep upgrading our subject knowledge, so as to do well in our careers. Dec 30, 8: