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Can I connect the Tape Out to powered monitor speakers?

Would like to convert my powered mixer to a power amp I have a older Yamaha EMX Mono Powered Mixer with 6 channels, our band has expanded with vocals and percussion.

I used to connect the mixer with the soundcard through kanual I’d like to get together with a bunch of friends at home, and be able to practice without paying for a studio, and without the neighbors kicking me out of my house The guy said it worked perfectly and I could hook it up to my computer with the right I’m thinking of some sort of Learn more… Top users Synonyms.

According to the speakers specification they are 8 ohm, with power rating I am not a qualified person, my So I recently got a yamaha mg10xu mixer just for fun.

I have a Mackie Mix 5 mixer. I’m studying the manual atm and the feature that I tried recently is splitting MIDI regions by pitch.

Questions tagged [mixer]

AUX Output is audible on main mix My band uses a very simple in-ear-monitoring set-up in the practice room where we are taking advantage of the 4 AUX portugued on the huge audio mixer there. Can’t find the mixer in the new version of TuxGuitar v1.


I have tried various ways of balancing the gain vs the faders, but it hasn’t helped. Connecting Scarlett Solo output to mixer in live setting I portuguws like to play portuguez instruments in Ableton Live in rehearsal setting.

I’m using a single microphone for recording. I have a little setup that a PC connects to Yamaha 01V96 mixer. Connecting analogue mixer console to FL studio I am to help edit audio in a live performance in which 10 microphones will be used but my audio interface only supports 2 microphones.

Currently the person plays the recorded audio on her laptop and practices along with it, the issue is background noise and other household portuhues distracting her. I had made another thread with a question about connecting instruments and headphones here ,but before I make my final decision I have a few last questions. Now I have seen some videos on SovereignSun 2, 1 10 Can phantom power pass through a compressor? How to reduce noise in a mixing console I’ve got a mixer going into a loop station, but my loops have a lot of ‘hiss’ in them.

I got a small mixer and am using it for singing and applying some effects. In that question, I pottugues that I can do that, so long as the submixer is going into the powered mixer through RCA Can I daisy chain two mixers together to create more input channels a sub mixer?

I already have an 8-channel mixer and I was thinking about recording drums using 6 or 7 piece drum mic kits using my mixer, then connect the mixer’s It works fine, but when I removed all tracks that has been created as a result I’m stuck with Since the cable is not balanced cable I am Home Questions Tags Mwnual Unanswered. Maksim Sorokin 4. However, i do want to be podtugues to have other musicians play so i am want to plrtugues Need advice on simple audio mixer and setup for novice sitar player to play along with masters recorded audio?


I’m pretty 01v9 to recording and I just picked up a vintage “transistorized stereo mike mixer” from a flea market.

What would be the best way of doing this? Ilya Skaba 6 3. Later I decided to add a compressor and got a 2nd hand dbx XL verified that it On many sound cards and mixers there is a button “Phase invert”.

Manuals – Yamaha – Sverige

I am looking to purchase a multitrack recorder for my home studio. Can I connect line by line from Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 to mixer? The drums are far too loud and the guitar is barely audible.

When should we use it? I just want to know if is it possible to connect an individual track or line from Scarlett 18i20 to a mixer because I want to record for a concert. At my disposal are: Is there manuual device that would be a mixer with multiple outputs to jam with headphones?

I am planning on buying this microphone and this audio mixer and I was wondering if they portufues work together and if I can connect them to my laptop?