Select Location and Generate Route. Destinator. 9. Point of Interest (POI). The Point of to guide you to a shopping center, hotel, restaurant, or gas station. Destinator Technologies Inc. (Canada) PERSONAL LOCATION DEVICE Page 9 of PLD PERSONAL LOCATION DEVICE User Manual Starter Kit V2 User. Destinator Navigates for the Packard Bell Compasseo – User’s Guide. Copyright © You can click the Night Mode button to display the map in night. 9.

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Destinator PN User Guide 8. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Symbols — Visual notification is displayed in pictorial form as an arrow diagram.

Enter a new category name eg: You can configure two distances for each Automatic Alert. The route calculated in real time is from your current GPS position. See Appendix C for more information about sending locations.

Be sure you read the text in the upper portion of the screen. Don’t show me this message again. We recommend that you use the default directory on your PC and click Next. The following screen is displayed: On the Destinator Console select the main map to load from, eg: Press Save to add to your trip.

Page 49 Destinator PN User Guide Dynamic cursor Destinator PN’s screen cursor has the capability to automatically change its appearance so that you will be informed of several important navigation conditions: You can also select Destinator PN User Guide 3. This process is similar to the procedures used to enter or select a destination and initiate navigation, except that you must be in Planner Mode.


Storage Card and click OK. From the Destination Menu, press the Avoid Roads button to display a list of road categories. Leave it as is. Manul Limit – Gives you a voice prompt when your car exceeds the speed limit on this section of the road. North is up — orients the map so that north is always at the top.

Figure 3 – Install to Default Directory A status window indicates the progress of the installation. Now, when you press the button, Destinator PN will automatically calculate a route to this destination.

It shows the basic relief outline and details of the surrounding roads and general area. Click on the button on the toolbar at the top of your screen. With the SMS message highlighted, click to calculate your route. After the route has been created you can create a map from it and download the map to your Pocket PC. Destinator PN User Guide 7.

From the list, click 2 Street.


This chapter contains a description of the following topics: Press Yes, the selected map s are removed from memory. The selected map is temporally loaded to hard disk.

Destinator requires that you confirm that you sestinator to remove the selected map s. Route generation Quickest route — Destinator PN calculates the route by picking the shortest distance and highest speed limits. Automatic reconnect — Select this option to ensure automatic reconnection whenever the GPS signal is lost.


Enter text from picture: No spaces between words are allowed, but you can use underscores to destinatir the words 16 character maximum. When you complete the registration screens, you are prompted to enter your License Key or Voucher Destinatro number then press Next. TMC messages are national and regional public radio FM transmissions that are used to inform drivers of traffic, weather, and other driving conditions.

POIs are identified on the map by various icons eg: The Quick Activation screen appears.

The GPS may take a few minutes to find its current location initially. Destinaator pop-up message requiring confirmation appears. Page 45 of See Destinator Community at www. This view is particularly useful for navigation when you want to see more of your lateral surroundings. Click on Done to close the screen. Click Next to continue. Page of Go. For example, you may prefer to not travel on any toll roads. Fill in the required information to create your account on Destinator Community, and click on Next.

Acer Destinator PN User Manual

Imperial Miles and yards 2. Text — Visual notification is displayed in written form. The Congratulations Page is displayed.