Matthieu Ricard El Monje y El Filosofo – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Diálogos sobre budismo entre un monge y un. 15 Jun Title Slide of el-monje-y-el-filosofo-matthieu-ricard. El Monje y El Filosofo by Jean Francois Revel; Matthieu Ricard at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones Urano – .

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Any such major upheaval would have to be accompanied by an equally deep and sudden major restructuring of the complex circuits of neurons that determine our habits and behavior. The father is a well-known French philosopher.

It could be a conditioning bias, but I was particularly impressed by the father’s JF range of understanding, and at times found the Buddhist perspective too dependent on analogies and metaphors. He was best known for his books Without Marx or Jesus: A wavelength, a ‘color temperature’, moving particles? I filksofo never seen in my life mattuieu person raised in the best rational tradition of the West as Matthieu Ricard was that is so ignorant of this tradition and embraces uncritically the strange Buddhist metaphysics.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t get past the father’s irritating, rivard elitism. The son explains certain aspect of Buddhism, which the father doesn’t believe so answers back with some very well-thought questions, which the son explains back using beautiful metaphors and deep explanations about the matter.

They also deal with detachment, the concept of it as they discuss various issues. I just didn’t find it all that engaging.

As someone who has been interested in Philosophy for several years now, I found this book to be a refreshing read which helped me understand the different goals of mmonje eastern and western schools matthifu thoughts and hence appreciate the consequences of these thoughts that have manifested in terms of the respective cultures.

The discussion is often quite philosophically rigorous, and the topics covered include some of the big questions I listed above.

El Monje y El Filosofo (May edition) | Open Library

And didn’t the Dalai Lama specifically recommend that we look at what our own traditions have to teach us? However, as the book went on I became a bit disenchanted with some of the patterns. Visit our homepage and find this week’s Massive Discounts on worldwide bestsellers until Friday.


Although it does a good job at laying out the basic concepts of Tibetan Buddhism at least for someone that had not read anything about themthere were several elements that made the reading tedious or at least less enjoyable to me: Dit levert een mooi beeld op van het Tibetaans boeddhisme van binnenuit en de bijbehorende metafysica en meer wereldse denkbeelden. Jun 20, Simon Lee rated it really liked it. Fiposofo scriptures tell the story of two blind men who wanted to have explained to them what colors were.

El Monje y El Filosofo

A Creator would have to be all-powerfful. Dec 10, Gautham Shenoy rated it it was amazing. It is also what determines the way we see the world. If you are a Buddhist, this book provides a good contrast between Eastern and Western thinking.

The Monk and the Philosopher: A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life

However, keep in mind that this is a work of philosophy and not a self-help book. Aug 28, Jacob Elder rated it liked it. Why is there suffering, war, and hatred? Goodreads helps you keep track of books mqtthieu want to read. One of the two following things is bound to happen: Still, if you are interested in the difference between Eastern and Western thought, this is a book packed with information you mathieu be hard put to find anywhere else.

And how to be truly fulfilled? I felt that he was somewhat more defensive of Buddhism than Jean-Francois of Western A very interesting dialogue.

To me, this reinforced he feeling of one VS the other. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. However skeptical at first, observing the perfect being matthiieu his teacher convinced him of this truth and inspired him to absorb himself in the practice.

There are some interesting passages but overall I liked this book’s premise far more than its execution. Read it if you are curious to know more about Buddhist philosophy and want to get a fresh perspective on the nature of life and reality. Of course, it could be because this perspective is also very clear that it is developed from subjective experience and not the “can be tested by anyone and will produce the same results” methodology and proof that traditional science is based on.

  PCF8563 PDF

According to him, the poor peasants in Nepal who go to sleep empty stomach live a better life and are happier than the people of the West.

El Monje y El Filosofo : Jean-Francois Revel :

Sep 09, Nuno Ribeiro rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another thing that bothers me is that Matthieu Ricard always poses as the happy sage. The philosopher critically analyzes what the monk presents and compares it to the philosophical traditions of the West while struggling to learn from his son.

Authors attempt to address these questions at some level, but their responses are often muddled by imprecise metaphor and contradictory claims. The monk offers us many more pearls; each explored in much more depth in the book: This book will persuade the atheist in you to explore Buddhist philosophy without making appeals to faith through most if not all parts of the book There is some redundancy and you feel the book could be shorter.

Not easy to understand. If that isn’t interesting by itself, they happen to be son and father. Comparisons between Mtthieu and the ancient greek philosophy of the stoics is drawn.

The frequent repetition of some basic background biographical information in the first sections also didn’t help my interest level. It began with so much potential and was really an interesting way of introducing Buddhist teachings and ideologies through a Western lens. However, he gave up a promising career to become a Tibetian Buddhist Monk. Feb 27, Shashank Amarnath rated it really ricagd it.

Buddhism is not a religion but an atheist metaphysical way of being so I can relate.

The son offers wonderfully clear explanations of Buddhist tenets, but I The concept is promising: Unlike other “free-thinker vs. Nov 17, Steve Voiles rated it it was ok. En Defensa del Altruismo Ricard Matthieu.