21 Sep With its electric drive system based on highly advanced Mercedes-Benz fuel cell technology, the F ! ensures particularly satisfying and. 12 Sep Visit Car and Driver to research Mercedes-Benz F Concept – Article. engineers at Daimler’s advanced vehicle engineering in Sindelfingen, Germany, A hydrogen fuel cell located between the front wheels provides the. Mercedes-Benz celebrated years of automobile engineering by presenting its F ! hybrid fuel cell research vehicle at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show.

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This means that future MOFs can be flexibly installed in the body structure. Apart from ensuring optimal traction at all times, the electronic all-wheel drive with its wheel-specific yaw-damping improves handling stability at high speeds.

In the new Mercedes-Benz research vehicle, the fuel cell stack is centrally located under the bonnet at the front, while the compact electric motors are installed near the wheels in the front and rear axle areas. Optimal traction and driving dynamics are ensured by active torque vectoring at the front and rear axles. Be in the know about the latest in luxury lifestyle and more, straight to your inbox.

To ease the waiting time Travel Women View all This luxurious eco-friendly car of your dreams is perfected by an E4Matic all-wheel-drive-system, consisting of 4 motors mounted in each wheel.

Mercedes-Benz F125! Research Vehicle Technology

Lithium-sulphur battery with a high energy density The lithium-sulphur battery installed behind the rear seats has a storage capacity of 10 kWh. A Fusion of Time. Intelligently conceived vehicle architecture In the new Mercedes-Benz research vehicle, the hydrigen cell stack is centrally located under the bonnet at the front, while the compact electric motors are hydeogen near the wheels in the front and rear axle areas. The Mercedes-Benz F, is the latest technology concept in a long line of research vehicles, from the Stuttgart-based automaker.


Touring saloon with sports car genes The use of four electric motors has a number of advantages in terms of driving dynamics. The result is an optimal balance between ride comfort, driving dynamics and use of energy.

Mercedes-Benz F! Research Vehicle Technology | eMercedesBenz

Thanks to very generous performance reserves it copes effortlessly with any traffic situation — with no emissions whatsoever. Properties Vehicl Luxury Homes Hotels. Key advantages of this solution: Sep 16, By iDynell.

When designing the F ! This is the vision of the future mobility. Buy real estate in NYC with bitcoin.

Illusion of China’s Wealth and Consumption Billionaires. The new front axle design provides a visionary outlook on the integration of electric drive systems into the front axle. Rise of the Machine Artist Auctions.

The high performance potential of the electric drive components in the F !

The Mercedes-Benz F, in any case is a large vehicle. The principal advantage of lithium-sulphur technology, whose usability in vehicles still requires further research, is the high specific energy density of the cells. The lounge-like atmosphere is entwined with Wood, Alcantara and Silk.

AutosMercedes-BenzConcept Bbenz.

The use of four electric motors has a number of advantages in terms of mercrdes dynamics. Metal Bens Frameworks MOFs are porous solid bodies which consist of numerous, always identical basic components and can be very variably put together on a modular basis.

The chosen positioning of the drive components allows optimal weight distribution, and also — thanks to active torque vectoring — the need-related assignment of power to each individual wheel. With its electric drive system hydrpgen on highly advanced Mercedes-Benz fuel cell technology, the F ! Ride comfort at the highest level years after the invention of the modern passenger car, the Mercedes Simplex ofMercedes-Benz is once again presenting a trailblazing, visionary vehicle concept — this time in the form of a sporty and comfortable touring saloon with an emission-free F-CELL Plug-in HYBRID system.

The real potentials of this technology are however the subject of basic research, and are still difficult to assess at present. The environmentally responsible Mercedes-Benz F! Compared to vehivle batteries this allows relatively hydroyen but highly efficient energy storage. View the photo gallery. This structural principle allows solid bodies with extremely large specific surface areas, which in turn provides the basis for an enormous hydrogen storage capacity.


The low installed position is conducive to a low centre of gravity, with a positive effect on handling and driving dynamics. The electric power for the ben is generated on board by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, or obtained from the efficient recuperation of braking energy. This would represent roughly a doubling of current performance. The only emission resulting from the chemical reaction is pure water vapour.

Less installation space thanks to better adaptability means more scope for packaging and more room for the occupants.

Total operating range is at the same level as a modern diesel car. Key advantages of this solution:. The Lux List Billionaires Collectibles. One technical highlight of the suspension system is special compensation of drive moments in the front axle, which almost entirely eliminates drive and recuperation influences on the steering, and noticeably reduces pitching. The connecting elements between these nodal points are formed by organic molecules known as Linkers.

The single-stage gears at the front and rear axles accelerate the vehicle comfortably and without interruptions in tractive power, right up to the top speed. Full integration into the bodyshell structure ensures the best possible crash and operating safety.

With this research vehicle, Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating completely new future ways to design large and luxurious automobiles that are marketable, environmentally friendly and socially compatible. The command of the day and tomorrow are also proactive.