19 Apr MicroStrategy Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers & Professionals | Free Practice Test | Free Sample Resumes. 20 Sep Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended. 17 Sep Looking for MicroStrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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Many businesses in the present scenario are adopting this approach to get the results that can be trusted for the long run. No, business users can run any query without learning any programming languages or database syntax.

On the other hand Custom Groups are an overhead on the database as they fire a separate SQL pass for every Custom group microstrateegy. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in MicroStrategy Development. Project Merge does not do a dependency search, since all the objects in the project are to be copied.

The objects maps are the ones that are used to select the group of microstrategy objects that are used to generate the report. Standard filtering allows the report filter to affect the metric. A custom group is a set of special filters that can be microstrtaegy on a template.

When copying objects across projects with Object Manager, if an object with the same ID as the source object exists anywhere in the destination project, a conflict occurs. Level metrics are advanced metrics which are set to be evaluated at a specified attribute level. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server has been designed to be a completely open architecture built on industry standards and compiled to run on multiple operating systems.

Top 42 Microstrategy Interview Questions & Answers

Some personalization options include the language choices and specific information criteria such as certain products. Microstrategy Desktop has more than 10 different subtotaling functions that aid analysis of the data.

This prevents metadata inconsistency from occurring. File set consists of total tables and information while data-set consists of attributes, metrics of a particular report only. What Are Level Metrics? This is actually one of the best features available in it till date. Heterogeneous mapping enables the engine to perform joins on unlike column names.


This is for column level security. Intelligence Server is the central product that links all MicroStrategy components to the data warehouse. Users can analyze the information using standard aggregations and more sophisticated functions such as average, summation, percentage contribution, standard deviation and net present value.

Users can drill out of the dashboard to investigate across the data warehouse or multiple data sources and generate new information-rich reports. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? It is a virtual or constant attribute that does not physically exist in the database because it is created at the application level.

Q4 How can you say intelligent cubes are superior to the ordinary cubes?

Comparison between Consolidations and Custom Groups? Explore MicroStrategy Sample Resumes! The MicroStrategy Web application is designed so that each MicroStrategy Web cluster node does not need queetions know that it is a member of a cluster.

What is an object prompt in MicroStrategy? Security filter Test 2.

When copying objects across projects with Object Manager, if an object with the same ID as the source object exists anywhere in the destination project, a conflict occurs. There are number of them. Through a easy-to-use web page, users specify what information nad want, when and how they want to receive it.

As a result, Microstraategy can release Intelligence Server on all certified operating systems at the same time with the same features. What Is An Anseers Prompt? Investigative reporting, using pivoting, sorting, slicing, and drilling to more detail, can be performed with simple mouse clicks.

Further information can be found in the release notes, as well as in MicroStrategy Object Manager’s online help Question In Business Intelligence, many times users have to get the information on their mails, or on the wireless devices.

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server also provides answegs to analyze any amount of data, support for any number of users and a 24 X 7 operating environment, with robust security Question Increased Power for End-Users – Users can seamlessly drill through to the questiobs depth of the data warehouse, or slice and dice with speed-of-thought response time within the Intelligent Cube. The latest qusetions on the data including the addition of new objects, modifications can automatically be derived from the warehouse directly 4.

Composite keys are constituted of two or more columns which together microstratefy as unique identifier. It is basically a software product that is used for this purpose and the users are free to select the type of information they need and exactly when. The table specifications can also be modified upto the desired extent through the same tool. It is made up of an ordered collection of elements called custom group elements.

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The pass-through functions are the specific database oriented SQL statements and constructs that are executed by the microstrategy without checking semantics of the actual construct. The fewer passes we have the more efficient the query executes and faster the reports are generated.

These are required when in the same report you need answerz roll up a metric at two different levels side by side. The business benefits of Microstrategy Narrowcast Server is that it provides an inexpensive way to send corporate information to untrained partners, employees, and customers.

As a result, users who have logged into these systems intdrview not need to log on again. Q20 How to display the result in front of you for understanding them in a better way?

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Here in a table the Primary Key uniquely identifies the other columns in the table and hence qualifies as child of all the other attributes from the table, in the same ways as a child in real world identifies his father at least the biological one. Sometimes a lot of metrics and parameters are to be used depending on the complexity of the tasks and therefore users have to gain knowledge on this for the accomplishment of the task in a reliable manner.

Have you prepared to attend the job interview? Simply because it is not created in the database, instead, it is created at the application level.

You can let users select from almost any object attributes, metrics, custom groups available in MicroStrategy. The object manager cannot be run from the command prompt directly whilst the project merge can be run directly Question