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14 апр Утилита для восстановления флэш на контроллерах AMECO (MICOV) MW и E. MW 2c d5 94 3e 1×1 ref · MW 2c d7 94 3e 1×1. MW 2c d9 d5 3e 1×2. MW ad d5 94 25 1×1. MW ad dc 80 95 1×1. MW ec d3 14 a5 . Layout MW _ Mix Assembler Translator Table Block Size 0x Actions Scan Find Banks Table Comments by Smyg forum perfect .

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Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive. How does this tool works, any body helpppppp please. H2testw before supposed to be 8 Gb: If it is indeed 16GB why are you trying to fix? Many people have found nothing more than hand written marker lettering — very bad sign!

Micov is for older controllers the vid or pid may be incorrect. You will have to open the usb flash drive to decode the usb controller chip and usb flash drive storage chip. To repair this drive you are going to have to open it up verify the controller model number and the memory model number and find the correct repair tool.

Ameco MW8209 6208E 20100318

I have the same pen drive as you. You did not say which software you used, the version of the tool.

My computer still recognizes the USB. The flash chip writes the following on it:. When I start udtools1. Open the flash drive with care and decode the usb controller chip and flash storage chip.

Not sure if this would work for you. Help is, obviously, appreciated. Back to the reflashing software. ChipGenius has returned the following info. Hey Crake i put the file here http: That is the md8209 thing to do with a flash drive that contains poor quality memory chip. Information to access russian site is in first post on this page as a sticky.

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Because the database is already quite large, the main page only lists the USB speed tests submitted in the last 60 mw8029.

You could try and edit the ini file that contains the flash disk configuration info. Anyway, my flash is working much faster now and H2testW shows no errors. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I have a flash drive Kingston G. H2testw gives now the following result: If H2testw reported the real capacity is 2GB it ,w8209 probably not worth the effort. But my flash was detected only one of last version of program.

This error is already shown directly after starting UdTools. It is a wrong assumption to think the lastest version of reflashing software contains more information on flash storage chips. The most likely cause of the memory scan failure is that the manufactures tool did not recognize the memory chip.

Update Ameco MW8209 firmware and fix corrupted flash drive

Often it is the flash drive chip size of the board. I search all over the internet anf found nothing. Thanks for your suggestion to open the flash drive.

Anyone with the same experience mw8029 any idea how to format this kind of flash chip. Code The media is likely to be defective.

I had the same kind of USB drive and could perfectly fix it with this tool. Hi I have just bought 2 x 32G fake drives. Sometimes they do very bad reprogramming and use wrong pid vid. It turned out to be a 4GB. I am just being scammed by an ebay buyer. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I found out that the files 1. Only way to know for sure it to very very gently open the drive. Newer tools generally have information on newer flash drive chips and not on older ones.


Thank you very much for sharing your information, because of the striking similarity I was brave enough to go the extra distance and actually click that START ALL button to make the fix the right way.

MW USB pen drive data recovery,SSD data recovery,data … | Flickr

Some Remarks You can click the column headers of the speed tests table in order to sort by the desired field. However, any restored itme needs to be retested and never ever trusted. I tried to use the tools suggested on the web but all of them through a Mw8029 Scan Code Failed error.

Also what is flash drive chip serial.

USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – VID = , PID =

To more easily compare the speed of USB flash drives, you can filter the list according to drive size group: Since I discovered this problem partially by trying to partition the chip that was my first choice although I also was having some files on the primary partition go annoyingly corrupt on me too.

I reflash my USB drive like it descripts mw829.

The h2testw program forgot to copy the data but it said that it was a 4gb. UdTools appears to refuse flashing it because of that.