Seedtime and Harvest [Neville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying The Power of Imagination: The Neville Goddard Treasury. Neville · out of 5 . Seedtime and Harvest [Neville Goddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We sow the seed and nature gives us a corresponding harvest; . 27 Oct Foreword. THIS book is concerned with the art of realizing your desire. It gives you an account of the mechanism used in the production of the.

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There is a little fable given us to show us how it is done. Aya rated it really liked it Aug 19, Want to Read saving…. And he will show you a large upper room furnished and prepared: But because he has no memory as to that moment in time when he dropped that seed, which is simply his emotional response to something he contemplated, something he overheard, something he observed, at that moment the thing was done; he didn’t have to labor to bring it to harvest – he simply encountered it as something already full grown, so he reaps now that on which he bestowed no labor, outside of choice.

The subconscious transcends reason and is independent of induction. Do not dwell on the imperfection of yourself or others. Everything is within me – but everything. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Seedtime & Harvest Quotes by Neville Goddard

Think feelingly only of the state you desire to realize. In other words, a little knowledge, if carried out in action is more profitable than much knowledge which we neglect to carry out in action.

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It is all too mystifying. Transformation is in principle always possible, for the transformed being lives in us, and it is only a question of becoming conscious of it. The conscious is male; the subconscious is female.

Seedtime & Harvest

Comment Name Email Website. Have you read the book. When a stone blocks the well, it means that people have taken these great symbolical revelations of Truth literally. The subconscious never alters the accepted beliefs of man. But this morning’s subject – I want to approach it differently.


What you do not want done unto goddzrd, do not feel that it is done unto you or another. If man could only remember these moments of seedtime, he would never be surprised when the harvest appears in his world.

Angela rated it liked it Oct 08, By this law — first conceiving an idea and then impressing the idea conceived on the subconscious — all things evolve out of consciousness; and without this sequence, there is not anything made that is made.

Suppose he saw in goddare someone he could praise for my work and raise me in the salary world, give me an increase in salary because of my added effort; suppose he could see gooddard in me, well, contemplate the boss seeing that in you as though he saw it and rewarded you with an increase.

On the lowest level, the image used is stone. He doesn’t plant it, he doesn’t do a thing but dress it and keep it. Sarah rated it liked it Sep 02, Knowledge of what to do is water; doing it is blood. Instead of looking at someone and accepting as final the evidence of the senses; there is someone who brought out into his own world, say disease: Somewhere within this realm of imagination there is a mood, a feeling of the wish fulfilled which, if appropriated, means success to you.

Although the subconscious faithfully serves man, it must not be inferred that the relation is that of a servant to a master as was anciently conceived. And so, when I became aware of deeper meanings in the passages than those normally assigned to them, I began to see them or to apprehend them mystically, and so I have given you a mystical interpretation of many of the darker passages. It may seem we haven’t the talents to realize it – instead of saying what the fox did, that the thing is beyond us and therefore it is seectime anyway, we can take the same technique and wonder what it would be like had we gocdard it.


According to the Scriptures, we sleep with Adam and wake with Christ. Return to Book Page.

Neville Goddard – Seedtime And Harvest

Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world. But the two outward rites — baptism to symbolize birth toddard water, and the wine of communion to symbolize acceptance of the blood of the Saviour, cannot produce the real birth or radical transformation of the individual, which is promised to man.

It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true. Bruno Silva rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Clair rated it it was amazing Jul 15, Harvdst teacher imagined the very best about the girl, and then listened and looked seedtim though she heard and saw all that she would hear and see after these things should be.

It is this water, in the form of psychological Truth, that he then offers to humanity.

Your body is an emotional filter and bears the unmistakable marks of your prevalent emotions. Consciousness is the one and only reality, not figuratively but actually. There are maybe two thousand odd here, we have two thousand odd different requests, multiplied by a large number because we have requests for others but you can take, today, as you sit here and you can actually contemplate what it would be like – suppose it were true.

It is impossible for you to see other than the contents of your consciousness.

The outer facts of her case were these: The ancient prophets called it the slave and servant of man. I cannot have you eat my spiritual food and expect to grow spiritually.