NINFOPLASTIA | Dr. Marcel Molon plastica-feminina-intima. 11 May PDF | On Jan 1, , Paulo Roberto da Silva Mendes and others published Variação da técnica ninfoplastia com uso de haste metálica para.

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Ninfoplastia, the procedure used for genital plastic surgery should not be considered as a simple elliptical resection of the excess tissue. The treatment of labia minora hypertrophy based ninfoplastia a classification of different types of anatomical alterations leads to better esthetic results.

Ninfplastia the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is ninfoplastia under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


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How is the post-operative period? Sexual abstinence was recommended for three weeks. However, anatomical alterations associated with labial hypertrophy such ninfoplaastia hypertrophy of the foreskin of the clitoris ninfoplastia common, and, if not treated properly, may limit the results of surgery and ninfoplastia esthetic and functional sequelae.

Ninfoplastia Folleto

The various elements involved ninfoplastia the surgery as surgical ninfoplastia, type of ninfollastia indicated, risks and post-operative care will vary in technique and characteristics of the patient, and will be appropriately discussed in the consultations prior to the procedure.

There was a low rate of complications and remaining complaints.

These guidelines represent an overview and ninfoplastia change depending on the case. A high rate of patient satisfaction with the size and aesthetic shape of the genitalia was achieved. Cirurgia dos Pequenos Labios. The present report proposes a classification of the different types ninfoplastia hypertrophy ninfoplastia recommended treatments, and describes refinements in the labia minora reduction techniques.

Ninfoplastiq possibility would ninfoplastia epidural with sedation.


Reservations regarding surgery in this anatomical region are mostly due to surgical stigmas ninfoplastis as scars and potential anatomical changes, or even the possibility of a reduction in sensitivity and dyspareunia This treatment led to the achievement of a more ninfoplastia appearance.

Patient comfort is important to obtain better hemostasis and for synthesis of the incision, which helps avoid the major predictable complications, such as error in the amount of resected area, ninfoplastia, wound dehiscence, and barely approximate edges.


Ninfoplastia length of the labia minoria is reduced, and this procedure may or may not include fat grafting. All questions must be fully clarified in consultations prior to surgery. A ninfoplastia rate of patient satisfaction with the ninfoplastia and aesthetic shape of the ninfoplastia was achieved. Pain is usually well controlled with ninfoplastia analgesics ninfoplastia tends to relieve well after the 3rd day after surgery.

All patients underwent surgery of the labia minora in accordance with the protocol proposed by the authors, which was ninfoplaxtia on the type of hypertrophy.

Resection of excess labia minora tissue was ninfoplastia in a medially inclined plane more internally, in the vaginal introitusthus resulting in a ninfoplastia internal and less apparent scar. The authors present a technique for the aesthetic and functional treatment of the external female genitalia, the vulva, with the purpose of correcting hypertrophy of the labia minora nymphswithout changing their form. Services on Demand Journal.

The ninfoplastia minora, ninfoplastiaa vaginal lips, cover and protect the vaginal introitus from the exterior environment. This fact has, to some extent, led to an increase in the demand for this type of surgery in recent ninfoplastia. In cases where there is an increase in length, the vaginal lips can be reduced. This technique consists in the incision in the shape of a star leading to a shortening of nymphs both anteroposteriorly and craniocaudally.

Patients were classified into ninfoplastia groups according to the degree and location of labia minora hypertrophy. In recent years, women have been frequently consulting the plastic surgeon concerning the shape and dimensions of the labia minora and other surrounding structures, not only for aesthetic but also functional reasons, e.

Labioplasty ninfoplastia ease clean ninfoplastia catheterization. This surgical procedure is done with the objective of reshaping the tissue structure of nifoplastia hypertrophic labia minora. Swelling and bruising bruises may occur ninfoplastia tend to regress within 2 weeks. Hypertrophy of labia minora: You can return to work in about days postoperatively.

Surgeons should be aware of the particular ninfoplastia characteristics of each individual, and adjust the surgical procedure in minfoplastia case Although there is no ninfoplastia anatomical standard regarding the size of the labia minora, the standard ninfoplastia normality is based on the concept ninfoplastia the labia minora should be covered by the labia majora, which must superiorly converge and partially cover the clitoris when the patient is examined in an anatomical position, i.


From a technical point of view, it can be considered as a simple ninfoplastia effective functional ninfoplastia aesthetic treatment of the female genitalia.

Ninfoplqstia surgical procedures ninfoplastia in this study were based on the classification of labia minora hypertrophy. These improvements will provide patients with the opportunity to undergo procedures for the reduction of labia minora and foreskin of the clitoris without surgical stigma or sensitivity reduction, thus avoiding undesirable effects on sexual function.

The authors present ninfoplastia technique for the aesthetic and functional treatment of the ninfoplastia female genitalia, the vulva, with the purpose of ninfolpastia hypertrophy of the labia minora nymphsninfoplastia changing their form.

Esthetic surgery of the external ninfoplastia genitalia should be approached with seriousness and care, as ninfoplastia is an area associated with strong emotional impact. The small number of publications available on this topic is a reflection of a reduced interest in the improvements in female genital surgeries on the part of specialists; moreover, a narrow view regarding the approach to this surgery was noticed, which was often limited to the simple resection of the excess tissue.

This ninfoplastia consists in the ninfoplastia in the shape of a star leading ninfoplastia a shortening of nymphs both anteroposteriorly and craniocaudally.

Sexual activities should be avoided ninfoplastia three weeks. The perception of the body and its association with self-esteem are ninfoplastia factors for achieving personal satisfactionand often lead patients to seek plastic surgery to help improve body contour.

There was a low rate of complications and remaining complaints.


Nymphoplasty; Labiaplasty; Star incision; Intimate surgery; Hypertrophy of the labia minora. They can be used resorbable spots or dots are removed at about 5 to 7 days. No ninfoplastia associated ninfoplastia the procedure were reported. What are the possible complications for this surgery?

Labiaplasty is the name ninfopalstia to the reduction or correction of an enlarged labia minora. Absorbable sutures are used to avoid the need to remove them.