Parametric. Modeling. One of the key-elements in the Pro/ENGINEER solid modeling software is its use of the feature-based parametric modeling technique. “ProESite – Olaf Corten’s Pro/ENGINEER Site – Pro/E Utilities, Benchmark, Key Barriers to Productivity with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire “.

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The lessons guide the user from constructing basic shapes to building intelligent solid models, assemblies and creating multi-view drawings. Understand Top-Down assembly modeling and Sheet Metal parts. The new improvements and key enhancements of the software are incorporated into the lessons. This book takes a hands on, exercise intensive approach to all the important parametric modeling techniques and concepts.

The design optimization can be used at a geometry level to obtain the optimum wildfife dimensions and in conjunction with the finite element analysis.

Parametric Modeling with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

This text takes a hands-on, exercise-intensive approach to all the important Parametric Modeling techniques and concepts. Major topics include part and assembly creation, and creation of engineering drawings. Apply design intent and intelligent modeling techniques in a sketch, feature, part, plane, assembly and drawing. Not only will this unified approach give your course a smoother flow, your students will also save money on their textbooks.

It provides in-depth control of complex geometry, as exemplified by the trajpar parameter. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat In addition to the general geometry tools there is also the ability to eith geometry of other integrated design disciplines such as industrial and standard pipe work and complete wiring definitions.


PTC Creo Elements/Pro – Wikipedia

50 This text takes a hands-on, exercise-intensive approach to all the important FEA techniques and concepts. This project consists of several parts that are introduced with the early lessons and finally assembled at the end.

Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. This book is intended to help readers establish a good basis for exploring and growing in the exciting field of Computer Aided Engineering. Desired outcomes and usage competencies are listed for each project.

Parametric Modeling with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire

This text covers AutoCAD and the lessons proceed in a pedagogical fashion to guide you from constructing basic shapes to making multiview drawings. Parametric Modeling with NX 9. The solid modeling techniques and concepts discussed in this text are also applicable to other parametric feature-based CAD packages.

Understand 3D printer terminology along wldfire a working knowledge of preparing, saving, and printing CAD models on a low cost printer.

The book is divided into five sections with 11 projects. The capabilities of the product can be split into the three main headings of Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A product and its entire bill of materials BOM can be modeled accurately with fully associative engineering drawingsand revision control information. This text is also helpful to AutoCAD users upgrading from a previous release of the software.


Comprehend the differences between additive and subtractive manufacturing.

The author developed the industry scenarios by combining his own industry experience with the knowledge of engineers, department managers, vendors and manufacturers. This text is intended to be used as a training guide for students and professionals. This textbook contains a series of thirteen tutorial style lessons designed to introduce beginning CAD users to NX.

This textbook contains a series of fifteen chapters, with detailed step-by-step tutorial style lessons, designed to introduce beginning CAD users to the graphics language used in all branches of technical industry.

These topics are further demonstrated in the video files that come with every book. Reference guides located at the front of the book and in each chapter show where these performance tasks are covered.

The basic premise of this book is that the more designs you create using NX, the better you learn the software. The basic premise of this book is that the more designs you create, the better you learn the software. Theoretical aspects of FEA are also introduced as they are needed to help better understand the operation.