In this work he quotes a passage from Tripurarahasya showing the origin of the Parasurama-Kalpa-Sutra. It runs as follows (mi Sfd) wsrwi ^ II $ II iv m\m m srw^ . Parashurama Kalpa Sutra. (with purports of Yogishanandanatha): athāto dīkṣāṃ vyākhyāsyāmaḥ || Parks_ || Now we shall expound the initiation. Initiation. AUTHENTIC TEXTS OF SRIVIDYA-3 Parasurama Kalpa Sutram There is no greater work in the Kaula tradition of Srividya than Parasurama Kalpa Sutra. This. .

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In the southern part of India, it is a must for every household to plant coconut trees. Regarding the PKS my focus will be the Veda-Tantra merger and the continuity of real and virtual body-practices which are characteristic of this source. This Self within is different and distinct from the personality on the surface. The indigenous negative cliche of a Tantric being a black magician if not bloodthirsty, orgiastic monster has been extremely powerful and widespread. II qg TO qft: Thakar spared no pains in seeing the book through the press as expe- ditiously and as neatly as possible.

In any case, this worship of Ananda-Brahman is in the nature of a personal communion, a rite to be performed in becoming privacy, parsurama the solitude of intimacy. It seems very hard to make out in what sense the author can be identified with Parasurama of the Ramayana as is done in the colophons of the several sections of the Sutra.

To break a coconut in the beginning of any event is considered to be very auspicious. R U 5 ritpt3r? It is, however, of little practical use to enter into the merits of these contentions, especially in these matters of trans- cendental nature, in which tradition, as handed down from masters to pupils, should govern the actual practice.

श्रीपरशुरामकल्पसूत्रम्: Shri Parashuram Kalpa Sutra

X- i ‘I x-w sft: It has always commanded a natural and massive faith and this shows tha t it is authentic. In a constructive approach, I understand imagination to be a third space that produces something new by connecting conceptual entities and real-world entities, for instance by connecting the concept of immortality and bliss and real-world alcoholic liquor.

The Mantras are not constructed by the humans and subject to dissolution as all human constructions are. The seeker must have faith — a faith as natural as breath svas to breathe — in the sacred character of the Mantra as the sound-body of the Deity invoked, in the Mantra as a chosen channel of the Grace o f the Guru.


It is with great pleasure to let you know that I did receive both books now and am really touched by your customer service. Demand for a second edi- tion started coming from all parts of India since long, and the Oriental Institute was in search of a suitable scholar who could do justice to a standard Tantric work of the type of Parasurama Kalpasutra, which is one of the most authoritative and profound works on the Sri Vidya system of worship.

This threefold unity again is not different from himself. I hope to do future purchases from you. R I II ll lo-Vv-vft.

You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. The copy belonging to the Adyar Library transcribed in Devanagari from a Telugu manuscript copy belonging to late Mr.

M fa, si s. Similarly, the Mantra is the sound-body of the Deity and also the channel between the spiritual dynamism of the Guru and the being of the disciple. By them worship in secret; hell ensues if publicised.

For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. Avalon had the courage not to follow the usual Vedic studies, but to counter the negative colonial Tantra cliche by editing a number of pieces of literature called Tantra, and by showing great sophistication and metaphoric imagination of the Tantras, their deep philosophical content, parasuramz their non-dual world-orientation.

Full text of “tantra-sangrahaH”

II m qqfqqrfjt;ff qqftq qRqrqrqrf —? I could not at once proceed with the edition of l ‘ug 11 the Sutra as no good edition of the Sutra could be prepared with the materials then available.

It is this abridgment that has pwrasurama down to us as the Paragura- ma-Kalpa- Sutra comprising ten Khandas. By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.

Exotic India has excellent and speedy service.

About five years have elapsed between my promise to edit this work and its performance; and this delay requires some explanation. In what form is Brahman to be approached and adored? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ananda-Brahman is there underlying the whole creation, vibrating at the core of every form and because He is there, all can breathe and move. It blends together what has often been seen as clearly distinct or even opposing, such as Tantra and Veda, Kaula and Samaya, super-ritualism and gnostification, language and action, exoteric and mental ritual practice, real and virtual body.


The eighteen sciences are the four Vedas, Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva; their six limbs, Phonetics siksaScience of Language vyakaranamRitual kalpahProsody chandahAstronomy jyotisahEtymology niruktam ; Investigation mimansa ; Logic nyayah ; History puranam ; Ethics dharmasastram ; Medicine ayurvedah ; Science of War dhanurvedah ; Fine Arts gandharvam and Polity nitisastram.

Parasurama-kalpa Sutra

Sjtra o f the Divine Reality, the Brahman. It does not seem to be a genuine portion of the Sutra. Look Inside the Book. Sutda copy mentioned above was sent to Baroda for collation with the excellent MS copy belonging to Pandit Dhanavanta- rama of Karnali.

Accordingly, seeing that the Upasana of Tripura was the highest of all forms of worship and that its effect included the effects of all other forms of worship, composed Datta-Samhita comprising eighteen thousand verses, in which the worship of Tripura was laid down in all its details in a succinct form, from him Bhar- gava Rama learnt the Samhita.

His ritual shares this and a number of other features with the PKS, while other elements do largely differ. Bhargava Rama, son of Jamadagni, saw them too vast and asked his revered master, Blessed Dattatreya who combined the Trinity in Himself, to abridge the system. I am a returning customer and have parasurana many Puranas from your firm.

Based on your browsing history. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here R, i to rare. It is compared to the staircase that leads to the terrace of liberation. Both representations, the Indian and the Western one, actually contain more self-description than an account of reality.

Parasurama Kalpa Sutra

By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Notify me of new comments via email. Tantra is a vastly complex and many-stranded issue and more of a generic name for many different traditions, some of which predate, and some postdate the Kaula.