An optocoupler or opto-isolator consists of a light emitter, the LED and a light sensitive . I use latch 74hc and put 8 optocoulpers pc in 8 inputs of latch . PC Series. PC Series. High Density Mounting Type. Photocoupler PC Anode mark. PC Internal connection diagram. PC PC PC PC Photocoupler has a transistor which is controlled based on light (photon). So this IC basically has an IR LED and a photo-transistor inside it.

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Use the circuit belowand as datasheet suggests that the forward voltage is about 1.

The Schmitt inverter at the output performs several functions; it ensures that the output conforms to HCT voltage and current specifications, it also provides very fast rise and fall times for the output, and corrects the signal inversion caused by the phototransistor being operated in common emitter mode. If a higher value than 1. It is important that the transistor is fully saturated in order to reduce the power dissipation in the 2N to a minimum, therefore although the transistor current I CE is 40mA there will only be about 0.

Module 5.2

Remember to keep your load on the output to very small current. There are of course, more useful applications for an optocoupler than simply isolating one logic IC from another.

It looks to me like you will probably achieve about 3. I mean if I make this connection in real, will this work? Sign up using Email and Password.


Post as a guest Name. There are many optocouplers on the market and to find the most appropriate for a particular purpose, vendor’s catalogues and manufacturers datasheets should be studied. The problem is lessened by ensuring that the external circuit is fully isolated from the computer and an optocoupler such as the PC is a cheap and effective assuming no major user errors solution.

This will short the collector and emitter and hence the Logic Output voltage will become zero. This is well below the maximum LED current i. Because the CTR of an optocoupler can be expected to reduce over time, it is common practice to choose a value for I F somewhat lower than the maximum, so that the intended performance can still be achieved over the intended lifetime of the circuit. Did you read the datasheet??

It’s an icon above where you type the text. Although this example describes the design of a simple interface linking two HCT logic circuits, the difference between the results achieved here and those needed for any other optocohpler are that similar calculations can be made just using data appropriate to other voltages and currents and other optocouplers.

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PC OptoCoupler Optoisolator DIP IC

Please try using the setup as shown in the figure. There are many different applications for optocoupler circuits, so there are many different design requirements, but a basic design for an optocoupler providing isolation pc8177 example between two circuits, simply involves the choice of appropriate resistor values for the two resistors R1 and R2 shown in Fig.


You certainly can post schematics. The Opto will drive the transistor output low when the Diode is driven. Both of the waveforms shown were taken with the otocoupler input, a square wave with a frequency of 2kHz, but with two different values for R2, 1. I have connected a pull down resistor on 3rd pin.

v – How to get output voltage in PC opto coupler? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

The ground line of the IR LED pin 2 and the ground line of the transistor pin 4 will not be connected together. The main purpose of an optocoupler interface is to completely isolate the input circuit from the output circuit, which normally means there will be two completely separate power supplies, one for the input circuit and one for the output.

Forward Current for a PC But i am confused because when I am giving 3. In its 1st pin I am giving 12volt and 2nd pin is gnd. Do you have resistor between 12 V and Pin 1? Each logic family e.

This simple opotcoupler has one more safety feature; diode D1 connected across the motor will effectively prevent any nasty back EMF spikes generated by the inductive load the motor from causing damage to the interface.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You need a pull-up resistor at pin 4.