The most popular theory of landform development was given by American . ( such as landscape cycle, epigene cycle, pediplanation cycle, hillslope cycle, etc.) . Formation of Inselbergs King’s theory of Parallel Slope Retreat The work of Professor Lester Pediplanation is sometimes referred to as circum- denudation. Isostatic Readjustment In The Theory Of Pediplanation. John Charles Pugh. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, , , 1 September

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What is the difference between sand and clay? This article about geography terminology is a stub.

Each cycle begins with rapid rate of upliftment followed by long period of crustal tectonic stability. Hack pointed out that multi-level landscape polycyclic relief cannot be explained in terms of pediplwnation erosion cycle Davisian notionrather these landscapes can be explained in terms of dynamic equilibrium theory.

The result is that the surface is eroded chiefly backward and that downward erosion is limited. Very similar, never really considered this one!

Isostatic Readjustment In The Theory Of Pediplanation

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Pointing out that the Davisian model of arid cycle of erosion was inadequate to explain all types of landscapes, King, in the s, propounded a new cyclic model of pediplanation or pediplanation cycle to explain the unique landscapes that he observed in the arid, semi-arid and savanna parts of Africa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are two types of forces: William Morris Davis invented the peneplane, i. Major landscapes in all the continents tbeory been evolved by rhythmic global tectonic events.


Learn More at topixstars. Peneplanation is the process of peneplaining a land surface, i.

7 Major Geomorphic Theories of Landform Development

The concepts and principles propounded by Gilbert provided the base for the development of the dynamic equilibrium theory involving time- independent development of landforms and it subsequently became the pivot of drastic methodological shift in geomorphology. The cycle of pediplanation is performed by twin processes of scarp retreat and pedimentation. What is the difference between stress and strength? The process occurs in a humid climate; any residual relief throughout the peneplane is a consequence of local rock resistance to erosion, but his is not necessarily the case for the monadnock.

Monadnock, near Keene New Hampshire. New scarp is initiated at the far end of the previously formed pediplain which is progressively consumed by the retreat of new scarp and thus second pediplain is formed while the former pediplain experiences decrease in its extent.

Pediplain – Wikipedia

The concept gained notoriety as it was juxtaposed to peneplanation. The main reason of the resultant complexity of landscape is the fact that if any event occurs in any segment teory a river, there is no instantaneous impact of such event on the entire channel length.

Explaining these two concepts Prof. A peneplain in the Davisian sense, resulting from slope reduction and downwearing, does not exist in nature. Cryoplanation is a variant of pediplanation that is restricted pediolanation cold climates.


What is the difference between Megalith and Batholith? The formation and growth of laccoliths continue so long as the driving force of rising magma is not countered by resisting force of equal magnitude acting downwards. An alternative explanation for landscape evolution – pediplanation – was presented by German geologist Walther Penck. What is the difference between Mafic and Felsic? For instance, if there is deposition of eroded sediments in a fluvial system, these deposited sediments become pediiplanation at a critical threshold slope i.

This page may be out of date. Views Read Edit View history. His concept of geographical cycle or commonly known as cycle of erosion provided a genetic classification and systematic description of landforms. Retrieved from ” https: What is the difference between till and alluvium?

What is the difference between weathering and erosion? Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. What is the difference between Saprolite and Regolith? A state of equilibrium is achieved and thus hheory principle of least work becomes operative wherein the sum of driving and resisting forces becomes zero.

Save your draft before refreshing this page. According to King, the African landscape consisted of three basic elements: