Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis, & Aldous Huxley is a novel by Peter Kreeft about U.S. 10 Jan [Dr. Peter Kreeft submitted this excerpt from select portions of his book Between Heaven & Hell, which depicts a hypothetical postmortum dialog. Among the more than 35 books written by Peter J. Kreeft (pro- nounced “Krayft”) are some of the most insightful Christian writ- ings today about heaven and hell.

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Kennedy, Aldous Huxley and C. The author gets to decide how the conversation goes.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Private screening with the crew!

These 3 extremely influential men never met on earth but within moments of each other all die and meet for the first time in the afterlife. I also enjoyed recognizing so much of what Lewis said as he would reference things he wrote or even just allude to them.

This article relies largely krweft entirely on a single source.

Deaths on Nov. 22, 1963 bring together three brilliant minds “Between Heaven and Hell”

Digital Download of Movie and Soundtrack! His debate with Huxley is much harder to follow and Lewis doesn’t seem to refute Huxley as soundly as Kennedy. May 18, Philip rated it really liked it Shelves: May 11, Chris rated it really liked it. If we are successful with this campaign, we truly feel confident that we will reach a higher level of funding beyond this campaign. Digital Download of the Original Soundtrack!


These three men, Kreeft says, represent the three most influential worldviews in human history: And Huxley bel November 22,the day President Kennedy was killed, was a day that all who were alive that day clearly remember. Here’s the back blurb: Kennedy and Aldous Huxley.

Between Heaven & Hell (excerpt)

Come spend a day on the set with the cast and crew! Kennedy was a humanist, albeit with a Roman Catholic bent.

Lewis, 20th Century’s most popular if not most influential Christian apologist, John F. This film involves a substantial dialog and look at the relations between Christianity, Buddhism and Humanism. In other words, the characters of Kennedy, Huxley, and Lewis are not fleshed out but are simply vehicles betewen the world-views they represent. How might the conversation go?

Between Heaven & Hell (excerpt) by Dr. Peter Kreeft – Christian Theology

Enter the amount you’d like to pledge: And Lewis continues in this fashion, with Kennedy eventually responding: Aug helk, Mark added it Shelves: If you want to understand the flavors of Christianity that swirl kreefg us this book will give you a clear and concise, yet engaging and humorous presentation of the three main attitudes today.

Return to Book Page. JFK represents modern Western humanism. I see the point, but I disagree with the route taken to get there, especially if one views the Bible not as an accurate historical record, but as a collection of oral histories.

Between Heaven & Hell by Peter Kreeft

Fictional conversation is not a favourite genre of mine but it is moderately well done here, particularly in its grasp of the topic of debate and the logic I have wanted to read this book for years as I think the premise is good and I am a big Lewis fan. Kreeft uses Lewis’ position in life as a mainstream apologist who wasn’t afraid to use literary devices to educate the masses, such as the Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters, as the foundation for the book.


Lreeft probably even peruse it again at some point. Still, a reasonably good read that is worthwhile. The better and more recognizable the leads, the better chance we have at a wide distribution of our film. Sayer wanted to know.

Still, it’s worth a read, if for no other reason than the fun of imagining a dialogue between C. Located in Riverside, Ca. If we are fortunate to have a fan base that supports our initial goal, this movie will be made. I’m just started so might have something to say about the play itself and what Kreeft is trying to do but for now I am just pleased by how betweeh Kreeft has managed to capture Lewis’ voice and style View all 8 comments.

Still a nice relaxing reminder that what I hold to as Truth can be embraced without intellectual embarrassment or dishonesty.

I had to read some parts more than once, because I didn’t know anything about Budhism and Eastern religions. Add attachment 2MB filesize limit.