Brought together in this volume are two of the most moving novels by one of India s greatest women writers The Skeleton and The Man. The Skeleton. Sulekha Creative Blog – Pinjar tells the story of Puro, a young woman of Hindu background, finding herself living a lovely l. Pinjar (Punjabi: ਪਿੰਜਰ, Urdu: پنجر , Hindi: पिंजर, English/Translation: The Skeleton) is a Punjabi novel written by noted poet and novelist Amrita Pritam.

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One night, Puro manages to escape back to her parents, but her parents turn her away, explaining that if she stays, Rashid’s Muslim clan would arrive and slaughter everyone. Ramchand, his parents and Lajjo are caught in the riots. While it hurts to see that the parents also turn their back on their daughter in times as painful as these, we still don’t blame them because we understand pnijar its not because they didn’t love her, its because they had to save the others. This short novella details the life of a Hindu girl turned Muslim through forced marriage, and the trials and tribulations that occur in her life as the land around her divides by religion.

It may be my bias towards my native tongue but I certainly find Hindi to be more effective in general than English in bringing out the pathos in novrl situation.

One day Puro walks dangerously close to the fields that belong to Ramchand, her supposed-to-be husband where she herself was kidnapped, and gets to see him just last time. Clearly one of the bests of the two.

Pinjar (novel)

Now, vengeance has been proclaimed by Rashid’s Uncles, and have finally triumphed by successfully capturing Puro. Begin typing the name of a book or author: Jun 06, Pnijar Chaklanobis rated it it was ok Shelves: He is heartbroken, as he is deeply in love with her, but wants her to be happy. He develops no love for the mother who had given him up to the temple.


But the sweat and hard work is stunted by the screenplay. It may be perceived that she does so after getting disappointed to find Ramchand not quite recognising her. Pinjar tells the story of Puro, a young Hindu woman who is betrothed to a young man, Ramchand.

In a very powerful way, Pritam argues that the violation of the nation’s women on both sides of Partition is akin to how Partition itself violated the nation.

Pinjar — One of novel Written by Amrita Pritam | Sulekha Creative

He grows up in nkvel temple along with three other priests a Head Guru and other two servant rishis. One at inner conscious level of Puro where she always fights with her thoughts, between her hatred and gradually developed affection towards Rashid initially kidnaper, her husband and father of her childrenher helplessness and pity on her fate.

Books by Amrita Pritam. How does he save himself from this hatred and how does he reconcile himself to his mother? Known as the most important voice for the women in Punjabi literature, inshe became the pihjar woman to win the Sahitya Akademi Award for her magnum opus, a long poem, Sunehe Messages.

Trilok has a tearful reunion with Puro and explains to her that if she so chooses, she can start a new life, as Ramchand is ready to accept her even now. In the past, Puro’s family had made Rashid’s family homeless by taking over their property.

Last but not the least, Dr Dwivedi almost had a winner on hand if he had not taken too long to build up the drama. Puro finds Lajjo and helps her escape with Rashid’s assistance. Novel is short, In the winter ofi read this book.

The premise pinjag fantastic for this novel. Ramchand’s uncle, cousin and Rajjo leave for India and are safe. But Ramchand is so much surprised to see her semi-covered face that by the time he starts realising it is Puro, she clears off leaving him in doubt.


Discuss the status of women in Pinjar by Amrita Pritam.

Set in an era that two nations if nations are its people and not its politicians would most likely want to go back and re-write, Pinjar is still relevant.

The task of exacting revenge is given to Rashid, and his family tells him to kidnap Puro, in order to settle the score. As Muslims and Hindus flee from opposing sides for safety, Lajjo gets separated from the rest of the family to get kidnapped some time later by one Muslim boy.

Finally, what could have been a great film remains only a commendable effort.

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Meanwhile, Rashid marries Puro, and they settle into an uneasy routine of husband and wife, during which time Puro becomes pregnant but miscarries. But in today’s world, everybody wants to owner of start-up company and everybody wants to be CEO, VP or Pinjad in the company which is creating a lot of imbalance and creating lot of social problem.

They are without a doubt are innocence and free to live. Some novdl following Puro’s kidnapping, Puro’s family forces themselves to move on and now marries their son Trilok to Puro’s ex-fiance’s sister, Lajjo. Thanks for given brief summary about pinjar. The second story is much more complex and conflicted, but I didn’t think as highly of it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She is objectified as the vessel of family honour, a vessel that that had to be thrown away if it broke.

These women had no say in partition, confirming that their mistreatment was both mirroring and results of Partition: The Skeleton is a Punjabi novel written novep noted poet and novelist Amrita Pritam. I had to reread some passages. From my pinjwr at Solomon Says: