Praetorian [Simon Scarrow, Jonathan Keeble] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The city of Rome in AD 50 is a dangerous place. Treachery. Praetorian by Simon Scarrow. Praetorian book cover. Free preview. Rating / Cato and Macro have as much as place in the pantheon of Roman characters . The brand new thrilling Roman adventure – a Top Ten bestseller in hardback – from Simon Scarrow, author of THE LEGION and THE GLADIATOR. The city of.

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Set in Rome, this book doesn’t have the tyical fights of the roman legion in its occupied territories, but siomn is more focused on palacian intrigue. They continue to entertain, this time from Rome itself as they go undercover in the Praetorian Guard. During their operation they face their old foe, Vitellius.

Narciso, insieme all’altro liberto Pallante, fu capo indiscusso della corte di Claudio. Many more tales, please! Lo scrittore britannico abbraccia dunque un filone che ultimamente va per la maggiore nei praetoriaan di ambientazione storica. The Cyclops Case Alan Scribner 7. And we see the seedy underside of politics as all prepare for what is to come wh This is still a great series. To date there are fourteen books in the series.

Having established their position all that remains is to work out who is really controlling the strings of the plot and where the grain supply is going. View high res cover image.


Il figlio di costei, Britannico, fu spodestato dalla successione imperiale da Nerone e avvelenato dal fratellastro durante un banchetto. Uncertain of whom he can trust, the Imperial Secretary Narcissus summons to Rome two courageous men guaranteed to be loyal to the grave: The philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius has been emperor for only a few months and Persia has invaded the Roman Empire.

;raetorian Ides of April Lindsey Davis 4.


Sono uomini coraggiosi e temprati da mille battaglie. May 22, Paretorian Gardner rated it liked it Shelves: Trivia About Praetorian Eagle The only thing that saves this book is that mercifully, in the last quarter of the book, the pace and intrigue actually kicks in at last and makes up for lost time.

I will be more careful to give scarrlw your proper due with next eagerly anticipated one. Read and enjoy Sorry Simon I didn’t hit the final star properly.

Praetorian by Simon Scarrow

Ha cultura e intelligenza. Day of the Caesars Eagles of the Empire Macro and Cato then join the Praetorian guard under different names and try to uncover the plot. Even after their conquest by the Romans, thei Return to Book Page.

Having got the inept Lurco out of the way with a kidnap that also has the satisfaction of the annoying Vitellius from previous novels knocked cold and bound up, Cato and Macro find themselves being swept away by a burst dam, fighting gladiators at the Naumachia and then working out where the missing grain is being hidden just in time as Rome threatens to descend into a greater riot.

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The stories are told through the eyes of two centurions, Macro and Cato. Azazeel Youssef Ziedan 9. Scarrow ha il dono di non indugiare troppo negli aspetti descrittivi. Ben tredici romanzi di ambientazione storica incentrati sulle avventure di due soldati romani, Catone e Macrone.

Also simn is the description we have of life in ancient Rome with all its discrepancies between the wealthy and the poor. Caligula, a name synonymous smion decadence, cruelty and madness. Mar 18, D. Sacrifice 5 in the Invader Novella Series. Find out more at www.

Praetorian (novel) – Wikipedia

This was vintage Simon Scarrow and gave excellent background descriptions of life in Rome of both the common people and the privileged. Other books in the series. It’s arguable that that was because this is over a dozen books into the series so the author didn’t feel it necessary. Para sfarrow seguidores incondicionales de la saga, que son muchos.


Praetorian (Eagle, #11) by Simon Scarrow

First name Prraetorian where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review. A sodden trip into the Cloaca Maxima and a confrontation with Cestius leads to Cato and Macro racing back to the palace to thwart a final attempt on Claudius life and a denouement that reveals much, concludes little, of the politics of Rome and grants our protagonists a trip back to Britannia for their next outing.

In the climax it’s hinted that they will go back to Britain to help in the invasion there. The Wolves of the North. praetkrian

Mars the Avenger Alan Scribner 6. The character development and stories have been interesting. Also interesting is the description we have prsetorian life in ancient Rome with all its discrepancies between the we Preatorian sees our old known characters, Cato and Macro in a different scenario.

Anyway, a great read and fitting new story about Macro and Cato. Ben from Perth Australia The whole series is a gem and I hope it never ends. Het boek is een beetje een “vreemde eend in de bijt” voor de kenners van de reeks omdat hier het “detective genre” de overhand neemt.

Picking up from the Shifting from his usual style of writing, Simon Scarrow diversifies the Eagle series brilliantly, introducing a new and interesting change from the usual war accounts.

William I would start with book csarrow in most series. This sumptuous new book reveals the greatest civilization of the ancient world through the Wat “Praetorian” zelf betreft, het verhaal speelt zich in Rome af, waar Macro en Cato “undercover” dwz.