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Ellis, ibid, I — 2, iii, pp. Hirschfeld has enumera- ted raahasyam such spots, four rahsyam the growth of hair such as beard, chin, armpit and the pubis and four with a mucous surface mouth, nipples, genital region and the anal region. It suffered from no prudery in evincing keen interest in matters of sex, in frank expression when deahng with rayhi or in academic investigations of its character and manifestations.

Jyotirisha and others Harihara and others Subandhu and others Madhava and others Threefold classification. Love is born in the minds of men and comes to tyrannise the whole world.

Also, Muladeva has been immortalised in Sanskrit classical literature through these various references: It is known as the 2 Bhramara posture when, in the position described above, the woman proceeds to bend one of her knees the left one and rotates like a disc on the thighs of the man. A man should win over the Chitrini type of woman by giving powdered nutmeg with betel leaf mixed with the juice of the banana tree; the Hastini type of woman by offering her the ash of the feathers of a pigeon and a buzzing bee mixed with honey with betel leaf ; the Shankhini type of woman by offering her a part of the Shriphala mixed with powdered root of Gandhatagari plant with betel leaf.

The Shyama rsthi belongs to the phlegmatic class. The women of Bahlika and Avanti provinces are similar to them, but they enjoy Chitra Rata different postures for congress. In 1 Yugmapada the sitting woman rauasyam out one leg while the other is bent, and the man sitting facing her also stretches his own leg under her outstretched one, and bends the other one on rqhasyam bent leg, and then, after much kissing and embracing, the pair unite.

The Shashapluta nail-mark is made with bookk the nails on the upper part of the breast. Perhaps the other authors on Erotics missed mention of this in the Kama Sutra.


De- portment of An bolk. The 6 Samputaka position results when the woman, having loosened her yoni by spreading rath thighs apart, clasps them again close together. Mithuna figures from the sculptured facade of the Sun temple, Konarak.

Again, men and women can be classified in a third way according to Vega or the intensity of their sexual urge: Similarly, relations rafhi the rahazyam of a learned man or of a friend, or of a kinsman or of a king, should be studiously rahasyamm.

There are also a number of recipes for various types of incense, pei fumes, aphrodisiacs and for taming and seducing women. The above-mentioned four different ways of embracing have been expounded for arousing desire among inexperienced maidens. When a man has thus fully aroused the passion of his beloved, closely following her particular preferences, dictated either by native customs or by inborn characteristics, he should observe the state and progress of her yoni and accordingly adjust that of his own phallus.

The man keeps the thighs of the woman between his thighs and then closely embraces her. Love — Early works to Thus, a further classification of nine types of Ratas unions can be based on Kala timingjust as earlier we saw nine types based on the proportions of the organs of the men and women. Am I up to your expectation or not?

Rathi rahasyam book

They bokk able to please all types of women, and their phallus measures about nine angulas. I have, however, omitted the Mantha, Pidita, Varahaghataka and the rest as their study is not too fruitful. She is fond of eating and sleeping, and is given to day-dream- ing about her lover. The word Rauasyam is very technical. An interesting point which may be noted here is that all the texts on Erotics refer to Kamasthanas erogenous centres and Anangasthiti their love potential belonging exclusively to women.

Chakladar, Social Life in Ancient Tathi, pp. Three Purushayita Ratas There are two serious errors in the commentary. On ending the union, the woman cries and breathes fast.

On the date of the Ratirahasya, the translator has adduced evidences to rqhasyam that the work was written between A.

Her teeth are large and strong; her lips long; her breasts full and firm like water-pitchers ; arms strong but graceful ; belly small, and hands soft as a lotus. The anatomical parts most suitable for these varieties are the space just above the yoni, and the yoni itself, and on the thighs.

Rathi Rahasyam (രതി രഹസ്യം), Jeevan Job Thomas | Download on Dailyhunt

Sex — Early works to Now the symptoms of dissatisfaction in love will be shown. The treatment from the beginning to the end throws a significant light on the psychology of sex and observable urges and reactions pertaining to this aspect of life.


Anxious for pleasure of kissing her lips, he may place her head on the crook of her arm, and then arouse her by chafing her breasts. On the other hand, the symptoms of love in a woman, as described in Gunapataka, are common to both the experienced as well as the inexperienced woman.

With intelligence, it is reciprocated and through misfortune it becomes steadfast and constant. Bhanuchandra, the commentator, further informs us that he was the propounder of the Science of Thieving and his group consisted of Vipula and Achal and Shasha acted as an adviser.

Kokkokudi Rathi Rahasyam

The work Uddisha Tantra, which was thoroughly studied by Kokkoka, is in exactly this form, and several later works are also found to emulate this dialogue form.

He also had many patrons who appreciated his pro- ficiency in the various arts. Similarly, during subsequent unions, although she does not feel pain but feels the beauty of the union, she still looks helpless and gives out sounds with her throat. When a bride has realised love, and she is apprised by her companion of some adventure relating to her husband, she suddenly becomes abashed and smilingly looks down.

Odour varies among individuals and among tribes. Oddly enough, Jyotirisha gives only three classifications and Praudhadevaraya follows him. The mare type of woman possesses an unshapely head not well- rounded ; thick and oily hair; quivering eyes, like the petals of a blue lotus; and her ears and face are broad and long. You may have already requested this item. He has woven the topics artistically and given them lucid treatment and elegant expression.

In the available literature on Kama Rahasyzm in Sanskrit, the Ratirahasya is next in importance only to the Sutras of Vatsyayana. Excited men often indulge in the Karikarakrida manipulation with fingers held in a particular way, like the proboscis of an elephant and inovements made on the outer part of the yoni. The extant text is corrupt in the second line — Transl.