Procédé de reformage catalytique dans lequel le catalyseur contient du platine et /ou Procédé de reformage en lit fixe, utilisant un catalyseur au platine. L’invention concerne une alimentation hydrocarbure essentiellement dépourvue d’eau chargée dans un système de reformage à réacteurs multiples. Reformage Catalytique. Report Document as copy-rights infringement · View All Pages For PDF Printing. All rights reserved to Privacy Policy.

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Method of transferring particles from one pressure zone to another pressure zone. US USB1 en Chemical looping processes for CO 2 capture and carbonaceous fuel conversion—prospect and opportunity.

ما هو Reformage Catalytique؟

Multicycle reduction and oxidation of different types of iron oxide particles application to chemical-looping combustion. Integrated oxidation, reduction and gasification method for chemical looping syngas and energy production.

CA CAA1 fr Means for and methods of low sulfur and hydrotreated resids as input feedstreams. Hydroconversion of heavy crudes with high metal reforkage asphaltene content in the presence of soluble metallic compounds and water.


The calcium looping cycle for CO2 capture from power generation, cement manufacture catalttique hydrogen production. Expedient method for altering the yield distribution from fluid catalytic cracking units. Carbon formation on nickel and iron oxide-containing oxygen carriers for chemical-looping combustion.

ما هو Reformage Catalytique؟ – Specialties

Process for upgrading crude oil and residual fractions thereof by vaporizing the charge catalyique a falling curtain of contact particles. EP EPA1 fr Installation et procede de combustion par oxydo-reduction en boucle chimique d’une charge hydrocarbonee gazeuse avec pre-reformage catalytique de la charge. Process for reforming a hydrocarbon stream in a unit having fixed and moving bed reaction zones.

Syngas chemical looping gasification process: Comparison of two Ni-based regormage carriers for chemical looping combustion of natural gas in kW continuous looping operation. Kind code of ref document: Country of ref document: US USA1 en Procede integre d’oxydation, reduction et gazeification pour production de gaz de synthese en boucle chimique.

EP Kind code of ref document: A1 Designated state s: Hydrocarbon conversion unit including a reaction zone receiving transferred catalyst.


Method for converting biomass into synthesis gas using a pressurized multi-stage progressively expanding fluidized bed gasifier followed by an oxyblown autothermal reformer to reduce methane and tars.

Plant and method for chemical looping oxidation-reduction combustion of a gaseous hydrocarbon feedstock with catalytic pre-reforming of the feed.

WOA1 – Reformage catalytique a deux etapes lit fixe/lit mobile – Google Patents

Production of very pure hydrogen with simultaneous capture of carbon dioxide using the redox reactions of iron oxides in packed beds. Kind code of ref document: Hydrocracking process in which the buildup of polynuclear aromatics is controlled. Multiple stage hydrodesulfurization process with extended downstream catalyst life.

Procede de reformage pregeneratif des essences comportant le recyclage d’au moins une partie de l’effluent de la phase de reduction du catalyseur.