26 Mar In Primal Leadership, which I coauthored with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, we describe four styles of leadership that create resonance. Developing resonant leaders through emotional intelligence, vision and coaching. Richard E. Boyatzis, Melvin L. Smith, Ellen Van Oosten, Lauris Woolford. focusing on the interaction between compassion and resonant leadership within . responsibility) and relationship management (Boyatzis and McKee, ).

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An strong companion to Primal Leadership that offers a range of useful exercises. Mar 21, Ryan Scicluna rated it liked it Shelves: People wanting to convince others that vacation increases productivity.

It builds on the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and utilizes it in a professional context that include I thoroughly believe that empathy is a key attribute that defines boyatzks leaders and what it takes to truly motivate and inspire the new generation of hard workers. Johnston The Power of Full Engagement: This book really “resonated” with me. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

I think that this generally does that.

Aug 02, Molly rated it it was ok. Jan 09, Angelique Laedership rated it it was amazing. I felt like too much time was spent on the crisis of the people included in the book rather than renewing one’s self.


Very much a workbook, very good but make sure you have the time to go through it. Apr 26, sillimant rated it really liked it.

It’s a great book, but you’ll get to understanding much better after taking the amazing course on “Leadership with emotional intelligence” by Richard Boyatzis in Coursera.

I thought this book is a good starting place to develop skills, goals, and self awareness to create balance and fight burnout. Jul 23, Stephen rated it liked it. This book offered a few more insights than some. Resonant leadership is a book about emotional intelligence as a core platform to competent leadership. Jul 19, Luigi rated it really liked it Shelves: All in all, this was a pretty good book in leadership.

Sep 08, Daria rated it it was amazing.

I had no idea I would love this book so much but this has quickly become one of the favorite leadership books I have read. This was really quite an amazing book. Ignoring ones’ family or self in a crisis will eventually bankrupt you emotionally. My critique is that there are many more corporate examples than everyday ones and I think it could benefit from adding more smaller scale local examples. Feb 16, Shaw rated it it was amazing. It addresses the rise and fall of many leaders and how they arrive at the pinnacle of their ability through dedication and persistence, only to crash boyatxis they get there from mental and spiritual fatigue.


From a business perspective these two authors leadershhip common characteristics of burnout and strategies for correcting those behaviors. Although I do take these sorts of examples at a grain of salt, they were logical and believable in the sense of how their actions lead to certain reactions from their subordinates and colleagues and how shifting one way or the other lead to their success. I think some key themes are very valuable and it is worth reading to find the parts that help you think about balance in your own life.

That said, I am hesitant to An interesting thought for a business book- How do leaders fight burnout? It is so logical that leaders are lulled into sacrificing themselves for their jobs, goals, etc.

That said, I am hesitant to recommend this. Sep 06, Devin Partlow rated it it was ok.

Important stuff, but again, nothing new. Best quote, “leaders who pay attention to the whole self–mind, body, heart, and spirit–can literally be quicker, smarter, happier, and more effective than those who focus too narrowly on short-term success” p.