The Ritusamhara of Kalidasa: a new translation of the Sanskrit classic. Front Cover. K̄alid̄asa. Dialogue Calcutta Publications, – 19 pages. 16 Nov Kalidasa is the supreme poet and dramatist in classical Sanskrit literature. Ritusamhara is an exuberant expression of the love of life. The Ritusamhara of Kalidasa; a new translation of the Sanskrit classic, by Manish Nandy. Main Author: Kālidāsa. Related Names: Nandy, Manish., tr.

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Indian philosophy, it is said, whispers that this ,alidasa a phantom life, limited and flimsy; and it casts upon kwlidasa a spell of disillusionment; and that Indians, consequently, have ever been mystics absorbed in religious speculation. Where colourful sandal cream is mirrored.

Both have the same soft liquid eyes, and slender legs and their veins are visible under the skin. Workings are they of the self-same powers Which the poet in no idle dreaming, Seeth in himself and in the flowers. They arrive rituxamhara India in late September or early October and stay until the end of March.

And masses of hair With the lingering subtle perfume 27 Summer Of bath cosmetics, Women soothe the senses of their lovers. Into the battle between the forest and fire the third party, the wind, the ally of neither, enters as an agent provocateur egging them on to greater violence until the glowing mass of silk-cotton trees stand silhouetted against the horizon struggling in the conflagration.

And somewhere a dwelling place With a wondrous fountain of kalivasa.

So exquisitely is the thing done that none can say which half is superior. Early in December I submitted the translation to be vetted by the Speaker of our Legislative Assembly, Purushottamdas Tandon, our brave and trusted leader in more than a political sense, who is one of the comrades in this barrack.

The stanzas seem rather diffuse, and seem to be flitting from lovers to diverse themes, without a coherent structure. Bare and unscaleable walls deprive us of the sidelong shafts of the sun and effectively shut out the dawn as well as the violet light of the sun slipping below the horizon.

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Just then the fair Parvati arrives and, making her obeisance, greets Siva. I can hardly express the depth of response his message evoked in our hearts. I have compared the early Calcutta edition of with the critical editions of Indian scholars since published and have used the emenda- tions made by them in the light of later research.

Perturbs the mind of kallidasa.

The Ritusamhara Of Kalidasa

It is an object of great splendour when in February it becomes one entire mass kaildasa purple and white blossom the large and handsome flowers having a strong resemblance to those of a pelargonium.

Such women may be few but their problem is often a real one. Ficus Reliogosa ashvatthaZizyphus Jujuba beretc. The flowers are white. The elephants, in a herd, have invaded it And left it a sea of mud.

One longs for the moon. Kevda water, like rose water, is a very cooling and popular drink during the summer. See especially the ritussamhara hymn V. Recently it has become popular as a beauty spot and is used by Indian women irrespective of caste or creed.

With this may be compared the Greek view of life as described by Will Durant: The axis of dictatorship is the secret poHce. The mountains are good friends. The lack of precaution of language has never shocked the Indian audience and indeed it was unnecessary for an author to hang a verbal fig-leaf.

As an example, here is verse 1. The clouds are afloat with fleecy skirts and river banks bustle with the migratory wild duck and goose while the flamingo stalks among the cranes.

This insect punctures the bark, sucks the juice and transforms it into the encrustations.

It is also a votive offering in individual and public worship and Hindu women offer it together with flowers, kumkum and perfume to guests at marriages and other festivities. Playwright and theatre director, Ratan Thiyamstage his production based on the poem as closing production of 4th Bharat Rang Mahotsav in There is a mysterious vibration in the air, in the ripples of the river, in the fluttering flight of birds, in the rustling of the leaves of trees in the garden.


And Kama infuses his love- liness, as love has a way of doing with whatever he touches. Youthful women are happy And eitusamhara with love fulfilled ; Scanning the parched aching lips They refrain from laughing aloud.

Book Excerptise: Ritusamhara by Kalidasa and Rajendra Tandon (tr.)

Stanza 25, Line 5: In despair and fevered unrest. The ancient belief is still current that pearls improve if worn next to skin and gain in lustre when in contact with the body temperature. Mixed with priyangu, kaliyaka and saffron. Krishnamoorthy follows the original closely: According to legend the Kadamba tree puts forth its buds during the reverberation of the thunderstorm.

The Romans learnt the use of sugar from India and their word is derived from the Sanskrit shakkara. The wild buffaloes emerge From the caverns in the hills With vision dazed and muzzles in the air ; And irritated by thirst They shuffle in search of water.

Ṛtusaṃhāra – Wikipedia

Forsake the lotus plant Now reft of leaf and flower. No matter how much we discuss love the last word on it is still to be said. How the God of Love came to reside in the mind is in the Introductory Note. She must accept the situation and reconcile it with greater wisdom.

Retrieved from ” https: The Bhagavata thus describes Lakshmi: Structure of the Cilia and Flagella: Here one could be free inside the prison-walls!

Stanza 7, Line 1: