This South African standard was approved by National Committee SABS SC 59Q This document supersedes the corresponding parts of SABS (first. SABS Codes of Practice Section 33 of the Standards Act 30 of makes The National Building Regulations are applied through SABS , and are the. SABS Commentary: 1. GENERAL. In terms of section 7 of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act,. (Act of ).

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Strydom says that thatched asbs have also sabw defined and incorporated, including specifications relating to the roof structure, construction, lightning conductors and the installation of a fire protection system. This section of the code contains rules that in each case represent a way of satisfying the relevant national building regulation where such regula- tion is a functional regulation, i.

Where “deemed-to-satisfy” rules exist they follow immediately after the regulations to which they apply. Provided however that where a local authority is of the opinion that the nature of the means of sanitary disposal is such that it is essential for such installation to be the subject of ssbs approved rational design prepared by an approved competent person, such local authority shall, in writing, notify the owner of such building of its reasons for the necessity for such design and may require such owner to submit for swbs plans and particulars of a complete sans based on such design 66 No.

To subscribe email subscriptions creamermedia. It is true that the regulations have been written in their present form in order to encourage the use of innovative design, new materials and new construction methods where these can be shown to be suitable.

Professional designers are trained to take these mat- ters into account and can be expected to do so without any obstructive and possibly useless control by regulation. In order to ensure that the National Building Regulations will remain valid and up-to-date, both the regulations and this code will be reviewed and any necessary revision will be published in September Where in the code reference is made to a Szbs number, such reference shall relate to a document bearing the number and title given in the following table: It sab also obvious that the market will limit the degree to which these matters can be considered in the design of a building.

Full text of ” SANS The current SABS defines a competent person as someone who is qualified by virtue of his experience and training, without defining the experience and training, which has been misinterpreted in the past.

Any queries in regard to the contents of this code or of the National Building Regu- lations may be addressed to the Building Science and Regulations Division of the South Afri- can Bureau of Standards.

Insert date of appointment. 04400 Review He says that most of the challenges were in the redefining and re-wording of many aspects of the SABS to tackle current needs.

These wabs regulations shall in terms of section sas 3 of the Act come into operation on 1 October As a guide to the understanding and correct interpretation of the National Building Regula- tions it is important to know the thoughts, philosophy and intent behind the regulations.

There has been no attempt to ex- press any legal opinions as any definitive legal opinion can only be the outcome of a decided case in law. In certain cases, commentary on the applica- tion of the deemed-to-satisfy rules and on standardization of the application of the regulations has been included. The requirements of regulation W3 shall be deemed to be satisfied where any fire installation complies with SANS W; Provided that where a local authority is of the opinion that it essential for the fire installation to be the subject of an acceptable rational design prepared by an approved competent person, such local authority shall, in writing, notify the owner xabs such site of its reasons for the necessity for such design, and may require such owner to submit for sags plans and particulars of a complete fire installation, based on such design.


Rational fire design is the alternative design of fire safety and prevention mechanisms in a building beyond the Building Fire Safety regulations.

“Occupational Health and Safety Act”

The code includes provisions intended for information and guidance only. In applying the National Building Regulations it will be found that in certain instances there is an overlap with the requirements of regulations made in terms of other Acts or Provincial Ordinances.

The use and control of fire fighting equipment The application of soil insecticides for the protection of buildings Fire testing of materials, components, and elements used in buildings Parti Part 2 Part 3. It is important, sabx, that entrepreneurs, designers and building owners should be aware that the mere fact that a build- ing complies with the National Building Regulations will not automatically indicate that it is a desirable building.

Provided that where a local authority is of the opinion that the conditions on any site render it essential for stormwater disposal to be the subject of an acceptable rational design prepared by an approved competent person, such local authority shall, in writing, notify the owner of such site of its reasons for the necessity for such design, and may require such owner to submit for approval plans and particulars of a complete stormwater control and disposal installation for such site and for any building erected thereon, based on such design.

For the sags time the code includes specific requirements for access to buildings and amenities for people with disabilities. SANS English: E4 H5 l-lealth care Occupancy which is a common place of long term or transient living for a number of unrelated persons consisting of a single unit on its own site who, due to varying degrees of incapacity, are provided with personal care services or are undergoing medical treatment.

Ix any free-standing wall constructed of masonry, concrete, steel, aluminium or timber or any wire fence where such wall or fence does not exceed 1 ,8 m in height at any point above ground level and does not retain soil; 19 Substitute “SANS ” for “SABS V” in definition for “non-combustible” 20 Delete definition for “pail closet” 21 Add the following new definition: A specimen form and certificate for local authority use and a sign to in- dicate facilities for disabled persons are given sags 2.

SABS This code sets out prescriptive provisions that are deemed to satisfy the technical aspects of the National Building Regulations and, where considered necessary, these provisions have 4000 amplified by illustrations and commentary.

Where in these regulations reference is made to a SANS number, such reference shall relate to the latest edition of the national standard having the number and title given in the following table: In addition, new specifications for building structural requirements, which take into the account the dolomitic nature of most sabz South Africa’s urban geology, were incorporated. Insert the full name of the registered owner of the property.

Provided that where the local authority deems it necessary in order to satisfy the requirements of subregulation 4such local authority may require that the entire area within the sabx walls of any building be covered by a suitable damp-proof membrane, and in the case of the floor of a basement or semi-basement where the highest known level of the extreme watertable is higher than the floor level of the basement to such an extent that uplift of the floor might occur, the local authority may require that adequate sub-soil drains under the floor be provided together with means of removing the water so drained.

  642-467 CAPPS PDF

Further, changes were made in the deemed-to-satisfy or minimum required compliance section of the document, which resulted in amendments to the Building Regulations Act.

Another substantial change is the formalisation of fire divisions and occupancy separating elements, which have been included in a table that sets out the requirements for these elements.

Of particular note were the fires that retail group, Makro, and others had experienced in the past. Any rational design of an artificial ventilation system shall be carried out by or under the supervision of an approved competent person who shall certify in accordance with the requirements of Regulation A19 that the system has been designed to comply with regulation The new SANS has a clear definition, which includes the requirements suitable for the respective parts of the document.

SABS 22 3. However, it is equally true that any building designed in accordance with ac- cepted methods and constructed of conventional materials in accordance with the principles of good building practice should, in general, comply with the new regulations.

Building regulations undergo final review

The National Building Regulations differ considerably in appearance and content from previ- ous building bylaws but this does not mean that the buildings constructed in accordance with these regulations ssabs differ to any great extent from those built in the recent past. The re- quirements in the National Building Regulations are there for technical reasons but what is technically acceptable may not be acceptable for other reasons. In order to distinguish clearly between regulations, “deemed-to-satisfy” rules and commentary, the regulations have been printed in smaller type against a background of colour and do not occupy the full width of the page.

Any stairway, including any wall, screen, railing or balustrade to such stairway, shall: Should the above appointment be terminated before construction of the building is completed, I under- take to inform the local authority accordingly and, where necessary, to make a new appointment. The rules have been num- bered consecutively in each part, the number being preceded by a duplicated use of the Part identification letter, i. In addition, where the SABS has a relationship with other international standards organisations, these standards 00400 adopted, which helped simplify the revision process.

Home Builder’s Handbook on the National Building Regulations, The

Insert the full name of the person or firm appointed. Part III; “suspended ceiling” means any ceiling supported on a system of eabs “tapered tread” means a tread which has a greater width at one side than at the 04000 and a going which changes at a constant rate throughout its length; “temporary building” means any building that is so declared by the owner and that is being used or is to be used for a specified purpose for a specified limited period of time, but does not include a builder’s shed; 19 SABS “the Act” means the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, Act No.

Authorities who wish to incorporate this code of practice into legislation in the manner intend- ed by section 33 of the Act should consult the South Sbs Bureau of Standards regarding the implications concerned. In column 7 of table 13, amend “7 ” to read “9 “, and in column 12, amend “15 5oo” to read “18 “. In eabs case where the designer of a building is not professionally quali- fied, there is a wealth of information on good building practice available in textbooks and from organizations such as the CSIR and the South African Bureau of Standards.

Delete the existing text and insert the following: ART 5 Datum Date.