1. The Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT). Instructions: Indicate the extent to which each item applies to you using the following scale. PDF | The Assessing Emotions Scale, in some literature called the Emotional Intelligence Scale, the Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test, or the Schutte. 27 Apr The scale is called either the Schutte emotional intelligence scale or the Assessing Emotions Scale. Google Scholar lists over citations of.

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When the scores are below or higher than does intelkigence mean that they are not emotionally intelligent? Thanks in advance for your quick help. Schutte and I do not use subscales for the EI measure, but others may create and use subscales.

No one needs to obtain permission to use the scale for research purposes. When I am in a positive mood, I am able to come up with new ideas. Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. Three items must be reverse-scored prior to summing. Which are the questions through which we can predict academic achievement. April 13, at May I know the clear range and interpretation of the scores.

Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT)

Is there a website I can go to? There is no set age range. Emotional Competence Framework Emotional Intelligence: I have done so in my study relating to age as independent variable while EI with schtute its four factors of SEIS; perception,managing emotions self ,social skills and utilization of emotions as dependent variables.


You are welcome to use it without our prior approval for any purpose that wmotional not revenue generating. We made the scale public domain for research purposes when we published our first articles about the scale.

I know why my emotions change. Personality and Individual Differences, 25, And sccale do we address employees in each of the following classes: Development and validation of a measure of emotional intelligence. I present myself in a way that makes a good impression on others. By looking at their facial expressions, I recognize the emotions people are experiencing.

After deciding whether a statement is generally true for you, use the 5-point scale to respond to intelligfnce statement. When my mood changes, I see new possibilities. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and to regulate emotions in oneself and in others.

The SSEIT includes a item self-report using a 1 strongly agree to 5 strongly disagree scale for responses. Thanks so much Dr. Other people find it easy to confide in me. I know what other people are feeling just by looking at them.

Use your judgement on top of the means and standard deviations provided in my posting. When I am faced with obstacles, I remember times I faced similar obstacles emotioal overcame them. Each sub-test score is graded and then added together to give the total score ecale the participant. As a service to our visitors, we have reviewed many of these tests and selected those for which there is a substantial body of research at least five published journal articles or book chapters that provide empirical data based on the test.

Keep in mind that the scale may or may not be valid in other cultures or when translated emtional another language. Do we use our own judgement to grade the level of emotional intelligence while interpreting the score?? Emotional intelligence and dispositional affectivity as predictors of performance in salespeople.


User Manual for Inquisit’s Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test

Regards Sorry for inconvenience. March 13, scae 5: I suggest characterizing scores by how they fit in the means and standard deviations we have reported for university-student samples in the U.

Emotional intelligence and dispositional affectivity as predictors of performance in salespeople. The reason im asking is that i want to correlate it with the 3 dimensions also of cross cultural adjustment. We did not create the scale to have subscales. February 3, at Thank you so scalw in advance sir. I would not characterize a score as good…bad. Which subscales are gender exclusive.

Personality and Individual Differences, 36, — To calculate meotional scale score, reverse code responses to items 5, 28, and So scores below or above are unusually low or high.

How can we measure emotional intelligence?

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 14 2 I have control over my emotions. January 29, at Intelligennce may also vary from country to country. My Dear Sir, Being an academic researcher 1. Sum their responses, following the scoring instructions.

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