The Shamutanti Hills has ratings and 30 reviews. Leo said: Man these books were popular when I was a youngster. If you like a book/role playing game. Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. Buy a cheap copy of The Shamutanti Hills book by Steve Jackson. Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing The evil Archimage has stolen the.

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For 2 Stamina points I cast the DOZ spell, which slows an opponents reactions, the creature shaking its head and pauses from swinging its barbed tail at me. The obvious difference in the second cover is the inclusion of coloured triangle in the top right corner, with a serrated edge and the number “1” in it.

He rose to challenge me and ended up chasing me round and round and out of the village. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This creates a strangely effective atmosphere, as the player learns more spells and becomes more confident in using them. I would really love have 12 again and start the Journey one more time. She explained that the old man was the victim of an aging spell she had cast upon what was actually a young rogue who had attempted to steal her spell book.

From there I would have to cross the Baklands, where day and night are supposedly controlled not by the sun, but by supernatural forces, which sounds pretty badass. Igoring the path that led down into the valley below, I pressed on up into the hills where I soon found myself within a wooded area which presented an opportunity for some rest. The first book is a surprisingly gentle introduction as the reader leaves the safety of his home and travels through the poisoned lands of the Shamutanti Hills, heading for the great port city of Khare, the gateway to the even worse lands beyond.

As the first in the series this book is the easiest to complete, apart from a trap-filled Manticore lair at the very end. The quest itself is divided between the four titles in the series:.


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SAt down and finished within a couple hours. We have about half the spellbook memorized now. Being a fan of the fighting fantasy books, I was aware of Sorcery as an advanced version of the game, a position that initially made me nervous at the difficulty. The chief gave me 10 gold and a key to Khare as a reward, apparently a traveller had passed through once before and said this key would open the gates and allow entrance hlls being noticed.

He told me that two routes would lead me on, one past Aliannas home — which I would need my wits about me shamutanri, the other led into the hills to the Lea-Ki, domain of the great ones. Well worth a look. This is the plainest book of the saga but started one of the most exciting jouneys i have ever made.

Jan shamutabti, Olivier Delaye rated shamutantk really liked it. The application you can download is very good. I did not submit to the rules in these cases. Alive with evil creatures, lawless wanderers and bloodthirsty monsters, the land is riddled with tricks and traps waiting for the unwary traveller. Books by Steve Jackson. Lists with This Book. Dec 12, Capitalismissexy rated it it was amazing.

And as I said earlier, they run over the references of a normal Fighting Fantasy book, part four, The Crown of Kings, hits ! The Citadel of Chaos. Regardless, I tossed the bartender a gold piece and sat down next to a wrinkled old man with a mug ale in my hand.

You can call upon her only once in each book at your discretion. The smell was intoxicating and I began to skip, feeling light-headed syamutanti full of merriment, Jann also seeming to lose it too as he grinned with glee.

Must go back and re-read them to make a proper review. Originally published by Penguin Books between andthe titles are part of the Fighting Fantasy canon, but were not allocated numbers within the original book series. Unbelievably, what awaited me around this turn was a whimpering Svinn girl!

I remember finding this first volume of the fopur part ‘Sorcery! Deciding to just keep going on up, I continued sbamutanti climb into the hills. Moving on, it seemed that my Minimite friend Jann was becoming something of an annoyance, his constant chattering becoming completely annoying to the hero of this adventure.


Huts were falling down and their inhabitants seemed in a bad way, limbs missing, leathery skin and sunken eyes. Jun 19, LemmiSchmoeker rated it really liked it. And money is required to sleep in the safety of an inn.

I “played” a full game through and remembered why I liked the books more as a concept than in practice: Submerged into pitch black surroundings at the bottom of the cave the Svinns decided to help me and threw down some flint and tinder so I could light my way.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I used the LAW spell, this allowed me to talk to the wolf and send it scurrying back off into the night, leaving me to enjoy the rest of my sleep.

Great magic system with 48 different spells at your disposal. The original cover of the book was designed and illustrated by John Blanche. Our host offered us tea and glared with obvious disgust aimed at Jann, but did still give him a tiny cup of tea. Occasionally, though, amongst the scuttles of coal, a gem emerges.

The Shamutanti Hills

I should also take the time to tell you about Libra — the goddess of justice; she is basically a replacement for the potion you normally start with, she will either restore all your stats to initial values, help you escape a conflict or cure a disease you have contracted.

The key to freedom keeps. Better than i remember from when i read this as a kid! Heading for nearest inn, it was time for a beer and I settled in to bring this first part to a close and enjoy the company of some… erm… lovely locals….

Memorization is fine as a game element, but the challenge should be in remembering what each spell doesRound up all minimites and ship them to camps, it’s the only way.

Next-level Choose Your Own Adventures. However, when the crown came to Analand, things went south somewhat.