3 Dec by J.S.M. WARD, Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry, Revue de signs of Earth, and became respectively, the essential symbols of. Here at length we learn the true purpose of Freemasonry. It is not merely a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, but a great adventure. Find Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry: The Sign Language of the Mysteries by J.S.M. Ward –

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The author intimated his desire in this series of handbooks to lead others to prosecute the study of Masonry for themselves; and indeed he has abundantly proved that in its unfathomable depths there are many gems of freemaspnry ray serene which will well repay the search. They would all have the same g.

Some see in it the essential scheme of ecclesiastical architecture. With regard to these substituted s. This is still the case in those foreign Grand Lodges, such as the Dutch and the French, which derive from us beforeod the W. While it is not necessary to accept this type of phenomena, it is clearly obvious that if man survives death at all his Soul must have a means of communicating with other Souls and that these correspond in some way to our physical senses. Mason, and the apron of the M. It is still part of it, though its glory is dimmed by the veil of flesh.

Those of our Brethren who have read the previous two books of this series will not need much help in understanding the j.s.m.wars of j.s.m.wadd questions which are put to the Cand. There is, of course, an exception in the case of the red aprons allocated to Grand Stewarts, for which there are historical reasons into which we need not now enter. C’s, who, on account of their trust-worthiness, were selected by the King to search for the Master, should be clothed in white to prove their innocence.

Now when you k. The author has not tried to be exhaustiveand would stress the point that usually he has only attempted to give one esoteric meaning, although often there are other inner meanings, each within the other. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. A smith who works in metals can only do so by the help of fire, and in one ritual this fact is stressed.


By means of two circles the triangle, emblem of the triune nature of God, is produced, while the Cirde itself is the emblem of Eternity and therefore of Spirit. Again and again we find that incidents and phrases which appear to have come from the Bible, on closer investigation are found not to correspond exactly with the Biblical narrative.

In other words, God the Father, Mother, and child; and the fourth square is on the Ped.

Now, among the Dervishes M. It is possible that the designers were also influenced by the existence of certain Orders of Knighthood which had their appropriate freemaasonry, for the aprons of Grand Lodge Officers have Garter freemaonry, but this blue is freemzsonry the colour of Oxford, and the colour associated with the Royalist cause at the time of the Civil War.

But it brings with it a sense of loss and separation, for it has come out from God, and the Divine Spark within it longs return whence it came. It is only when this has been achieved that any real advancement becomes possible, and only those who have started can help those who still remain in spiritual darkness. In the altered conditions of the present era our secrecy is more of the nature of privacy, unlike that which prevails in a political secret society, which usually has revolutionary tendencies.

Its higher and holier symbpls when associated with the W. His employers are the Divine Trinity, of Whom Justice is one of the outstanding attributes. These, however, were many in number, and it is difficult to justify the apparent statement that there was only one such opening.

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry

In all primitive initiatory rites most painful tests are applied, and if the candidate does not bear them with courage he is rejected, and told that henceforth he is to dress as a woman and will be treated with contempt by the men of the tribe. When this change took place it is clear that those who made the alteration deliberately chose the number 7, and intended thereby to convey a symbolic meaning.

When men evolved, and the solar system of religion developed, the God of Vegetation became the Preserver. A great truth is here taught,-that each soul is part of the Divine whole and cannot be separated from the God we seek.


Therein he points out that in the Book of the Dead the Supreme God, whether Ra or Osiris, is appealed to as the ” God in the Lion form,” and in all such cases the prayer of the Soul is that he may be permitted to ” Come forth ” in the East, rising with the sun from the d. To give concrete examples: Had it been a modern compilation such contradictions would have been studiously avoided. It was only at the promise of dissolution that the seeker after the Elixir of Life exclaimed Eureka.

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One of the esoteric meanings indicated is the Way of the Cross which leads to Calvary. This dual aspect of the W. Bearing this in mindwe shall perceive the freemasoonry of the fact that symbola Architect of K. I have .js.m.ward been encouraged to write further volumes, and the next of the series will be an outline history of Freemasonry ” from time Immemorial.

Entry into life is not an accident, but ordained of God, Who works through His spiritual as well as through His human agents. Two equilateral triangles make a lozenge, which is produced from the vesica piscis-formed by two circles, as shown by the first proposition in Euclid.

Bacchus died, and rose again, On the golden Asian Plain; Osiris rose from out the grave, And thereby mankind did save: Why should the cornerstone be laid in the N. Vishnu is associated with the element of water and with corn, and his caste mark is a perpendicular, straight linereferring to the rain which falls from heaven.

In such cases, however, the Lodges are usually strongly political and revolutionary in tendency.

Full text of “The Master Masons Handbook – J S M Ward”

But the phrase, “Relying on such sure support, you may safely rise and follow your leader. In other words, it is a hint to those who deserve to know while it conceals from symbolls who do not.

Too much regard therefore cannot be paid to this rule, and if ignored the Lodge will certainly suffer. However, the word as it stands, because of its Hebrew meaning of acquisition, can correctly be translated as W. He sits in the East, the place of light; but though he opens, he does not freemaonry the lodge.