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Given below is a sample of many-to-many relationship. C design pattern interview question: This much can convince the interviewer that you are clear about the differences.

For instance, if you want werver see customers who stay in India, in File Sharing architecture all customer questiond will be sent to the client PC regardless whether the customer belongs to India or not. What is eager loading in c C eager loading interview questions with answers? What is the difference between VAR and Dynamic keyword? Net interview questions and answers: All that logic about normal forms could be replaced with single phrase – avoid data duplication where it’s possible.

NET Interview questions with answers. NET and c Interview Question and answers: XML interview questions with answers. NET interview questions around Read only and Constant. C visual studio interview questions with answers.

But when you start working, it’s really rare when you check your database structure with normal forms. Azure FAQ Part 1. Ijterview normal forms are really enough, practically anything more than that is an overdose. Articles Quick Answers Messages.


SQL Server Interview Questions – Part 1 – CodeProject

However, the advantage of this architecture is that your server can be of interiew low configuration. How does delegate differs from an event? NET Testing interview questions: Distinguish between Abstract Classes and Interface?

What is application cache in HTML5? What is the difference between Reflection and Dynamic in C? Net Interview question Edition 6 is available now.

Shivprasad koirala | One stop place for c# ,.NET , SQL Server interview questions

Can you talk about Abstraction and Encapsulation in detail? Region field is also divided into two units like Country and State. C Interview questions with answers 10 important ,oirala Constructor and destructor interview questions 3 important c Partial class interview questions with answers Change Functionality without changing function C Architecture interview question with answers? NET entity interview questions: Yes please part 2 would be gratefully received.

Learn simple factorial program.

SQL Server Interview Questions – Part 1

What is the Use of interfaces? When to use Class or structure? The book is quite good but I did not receive the DVD containing practical videos of it. What is downcasting and upcasting? Multi-user capabilities mean that at one moment of time more than one user should be able to add, update, view and delete data. This question can only be asked on two conditions when the interviewer is expecting you to be at a DBA job or you are complete fresher, yes and not to mention the last one he treats CODD rules as a religion.


C JSON interciew questions. C OOP interview questions and answers: You do not have to really say all the above points during an interview. Debug directive in c Debug VS Release Generics in c keyword Intervieq method names in c mock interview operator overloading in c?

Didn’t get the right answer you were looking for Post your question. The main sections shiprasad database inetrview. Many experienced programmers think that the main difference is that file cannot provide multi-user capabilities which a DBMS provides.

What are the advantages of WPF over Winforms? THis is a good intro for people to read, you might also want to suggest other books to readif they are interested. Can we create an object of abstract ibterview or an interface? Usually delivered in days? SOA Interview questions Part 1.

What is the difference between a file and a database? What is the difference between delegate and events? C Interview questions with answers.

Interview Questions is a reference book designed for candidates preparing for programming interviews. You can see SQL syntax varying from vendor to vendor.