AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik. Version OBS! Särskilda avgifter och biljetter gäller för resor till och från Arlanda C,. Knivsta och Uppsala C. NB!. Åkeshov 10 11 14 13 13 14 19 18 17 19 6 5 4 3 2 1. Fridhemsplan Hötorget Odenplan Rådmansgatan Sankt Eriksplan Thorildsplan 1 2 3 4 5 6. STOCKHOLM. The Stockholm metro is a metro system in Stockholm, Sweden. The first line opened in , . The Green line (officially Tunnelbana 1, or “Metro 1”) has 3 routes and 49 stations: 12 subterranean (nine concrete, three rock) and 37 above .

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The maximum speed is 80 kilometers per tunneelbana on the red and blue lines, 70 kilometers per hour on the green line 50 kilometers per hour on the platforms. Automatic braking is triggered if the train exceeds the maximum permitted speed at any time. The system allows two trains to come close to each other but prevents collisions occurring at speeds greater than 15 kilometres per kartz 9. If you live outside the EU, a tax-free Peugeot or Renault tourist lease can be cheaper than renting for visits of 21 days or longer.

For a flat rate, the Stockholm Card gives you two, three, or five days of unlimited public transportation, admission to 80 museums and attractions, free sightseeing by boat and bicycle, stockholme discounts on several other excursions. The construction of a new fourth subway line, initially consisting stocholms a short three-station line north from Odenplan via the new development on Hagastaden and ending in Arenastaden.

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Map for the commuter trains may be added in the future. A station has been disconnected and demolished. During the period the green line was extended bit by bit. Stockholm Tunnelbana zones map. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Stockholm Metro.

Urban public transport networks and systems in Sweden. During the night, every 30 minutes.

Stockholm Metro Map – Stockholm Subway

Across the world, Stockholm is considered to be one of the best cities to live in despite its cold winters, which can be rough. Over the years, the Stockholm Subway underwent several expansion projects until it reached the kilometer railway it currently covers between 7 commercial lines and stations. The blue route contains the T10 and T11 lines, the red route includes the T13 and T14 lines and the green route comprises the T17, T18 and T19 lines.

Archived from the original on 28 June However, the driver still operates the door controls and allows the train to start. It was opened in Stockholm tunnelbana karta line consists stocknolms two routes, and at rush hours trains have a frequency lower than 10 minutes.

Options for visitors include:. T13 began operating on April 5, For printed information on how to use the subway, request a free guide at the Stockholm Visitor Tuunnelbana or any SL transit counter such as the one on the lower level of Stockholm Central Station. This signal system, along with C20 rolling layers, allows the use of ATO. The C30 is a future articulated train type intended to be delivered from onwards for use on the red line. T13 Archived 9 April at the Wayback Machine.


The C20F has the same number kafta seats as the C20, but has space for standing passengers. It is used bypassengers per working day or 55 million per year In the past, there have been additional line karga used for trains run on part of a line or only during rush hours. It also hosts some of the best educational institutions such as the Stockholm School of Economy and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Located in the Liljeholmen district, this station connects the red route T13 and T14 lines as well as the number 22 tram trail. There are different kinds of individual tickets, such as:.

Tunnelbana Karta

There are three coloured main lines on the tube maps. Inanother agreement was reached regarding several public transportation projects in Stockholm.

The following information relates to the current network. Nowadays, however, trains with graffiti are taken out of service immediately and graffiti at stations is regularly cleaned up within a few days.

At the airport, the train stops in South and North stockholmx. These cars revert to a non-articulated design with two bogies under each car. Buses and trams Stockholm transportation:.