Iwama Style Aikido is the style of aikido that was taught at Iwama dojo (in Iwama) by the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, and especially the lineage passed. “I know that Takemusu Aiki is the cosmic flow of life, the best way to truth, and the most helpful Takemusu Aikido focuses on the martial arts as a spiritual path. O’Sensei called the art that he developed during his time at the Iwama Dojo – Takemusu Aiki. The translation of this term is difficult enough, the precise meaning.

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The Takemusu Aikido Association is an association of dojos, clubs, and individuals who have a common interest in Aikido. The truth is, Young Master, that the Founder did not limit himself to “improve a few details”. From toMorihei studied under Sokaku Takeda the empty hand techniques of the Daito school but also the Hozoin school of spear and the Shinkage sword school that Takeda taught.

That association was placed under the Founder’s son’s direction, Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

Studying them allows the practitioner to understand his place in the universe. Here are my arguments. Aikiddo truth is that, in Iwama, the Founder was studying without rest, he was searching, modifying, developing, organizing the techniques around one Principle you are not aware of.

Rather it is a harmonious blending of both that creates a single Aikido.

This lead to his creation of a new martial art, aikibujutsu, in He dealt with his duty with talent. Being a non-competitive art, the training atmosphere is one of co-operation and mutual respect.

Takemusu Aiki Intercontinental

Articles by year Articles with videos. Some henka-waza modified basic techniques in Iwama style Aikido also include entangling joints, locking large joints, strikes to vital points, and occasionally chokes using the arm or the partner’s dogi.


Aikido, a martial art or an art of peace?

Studying them allows the practitioner to understand his place in the universe. Views Read Edit View history.

The systems of ken, jo and taijutsu have common features that can be seen by careful examination. His answer was delightfully Japanese:.

At one point Saito gave out specific “Iwama-ryu” ranks [4] at the insistence of twkemusu European students. It is not because of a political cynicism, it is because Aikikai ignores everything about Aiki ken and Aiki jo and therefore has no clue about the partnered training’s function takemusi Aikido. Board members take turns volunteering to fill the administrative roles of President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This was taught by the Founder and is discussed in his book Budo.

If the association is nowadays the international reference of Aikido, it’s because of him. Some years ago, the distribution of Iwama style dojos was more abundant in some countries, such as the Scandinavian countries. It is like cutting two strings on a violin and telling the musician: Every class in an Iwama style dojo begins with tai-no-henko and morotedori kokyu-ho and ends with kokyu-dosa.

The widespread poverty and lack of food compelled people to work hard to get a living, so all Ueshiba’s disciples could no longer go to the dojo. Much later, in the fifties, O sensei gave his son Kisshomaru the responsibility of managing Aikikai.

Iwama style

True understanding comes ONLY akkido practice. Is that truth so disturbing that most biographies conceal that fact? The more present day Budo seeks a real peace and proves the spirit of universal love, the more severe the process should be to attain the goals. In modern Aikido, weapons are hardly taughtif taught at all.


I feel I cannot explain better than my teachers what takemusu aikido is. In Aikikai, the study of weapons is understood as a study of defense against a partner armed with a ken or a jo. Primitive and evolved Aikido So, the school’s administration was given to Kisshomaru Ueshiha and Morihiro Saito was the guardian of the technique.

Aikido Australia – Takemusu Aiki Association | Takemusu Aiki Association

The current Doshu is now Moriteru Ueshiba. There are ten thousands individuals, ten thousands different shiho nage because all beings are different. Aikido, the one and only Aikido, created by O sensei in the last 28 years of his life in Iwama, has three pillars: It is also known by many names. Where to practice Traditional Aikido? Almost all the senior disciples had to abandon their training in Iwama – many during the War, others immediately after it.

Each Aikidoka progresses at his or her own pace. Iwama stylists employ kiai [17] and atemi [18] with great consistency. Such different beings like a man, a snail and a sunflower share the same organizing factor: Aikikai’s beliefs and lacunes Aikikai always refused to recognize the teaching of Aikiken and Aiki jo – the way Saito sensei transmitted them – as coming from O sensei.

The discipline taught nowadays under the name of Aikido has evolved towards a sporting practice and does not truly equate anymore with the art created by O sensei Morihei Ueshiba.